Session 13 — Enter The Dragon

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Gamos 28th Holk, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

Armed with the items of power from the Night Mistress’s guardian, the group travels to the lair of Trog’than. When they arrived at the entrance to the cavern, a solid stone door blocked their way. Out of the door was an open maw of a dragon. Somehow, they needed to get through this door, but no latch could be found. Finally, Crux took one for the team and stuck his arm into the maw. Inside, there was a handle that he grasp. When this happened, the maw clamped down on his arm and it’s teeth dug in, rendering it immobile. A dais nearby raised and there were four painted stone orbs.

Some very good investigation and the correct orb was found. The orb was placed in its corresponding socket and the door slid open. A small corridor led to ancient ruins within the ground. Once in, they noticed that the structures were scarred and scorched from a battle that was lost to time. Kobolds could be seen around and looked on in amazement as the newcomers entered their lair. Word was spread to them that they are to have free reign within the territory and they were obligated to obey it. Still, the kobolds were shocked that they were here. They let the newcomers pass.

They proceeded cautiously up the corridor. The sound of running water could be heard and the stone was slick and wet. Still, ever cautiously and as stealthily as they could, they moved further and further on. Once they approached a wooden bridge, the group tied each other off as they moved across it. Surprisingly, the bridge was made exquisitely well. Further up the corridor was an underground lake with water falling from the center. Up and across a slick stone bridge and they were able to exit the cavern. Once through the corridor opened, they found themselves in another cavern that was open to the outside. Some quick checking around and they suddenly had to hide.

The flapping of wings precluded the arrival of the dragon god. The beast landed and skulked about. He knew there were intruders, he could smell them. He called them out and Crux faced off with him. The centaur Haned, wearing the amulet, also made himself known. Some banter between them gave him some time to learn of the invisible force fields that blocked their way. Once a path was found, the assault began. The fight was furious, but thanks to the amulet, Valerie’s support magic and an extremely well placed strike by Erik. The three men kept the pressure on the dragon, but enough was enough. Trog’than opened his mouth and let loose a bolt of lightning that struck Crux hard. The warlock went down. In a brave attempt to rescue him, Valerie ran to his aid and poured the waterskin in his mouth. The contents were the refreshing spring water that spread through his body. He was back in the fight, but the dragon had other ideas.

The battle was turning against him and he was getting cornered. He unleashed a spell that left a thundering boom that teleported him to near the edge of the opening. Haned and Crux, fearing that the dragon would get airborne, beset the beast. However, it was Erik that won the day. He also feared that the dragon would get airborne, so he jumped off of a nearby rock and onto the dragon’s back. As he landed, he drove his sword deep in it’s body and he flopped to the ground … dead.

Taking a moment to absorb the deed they have done, the group searches around for the dragon’s hoard while Erik slowly starts to harvest what he could off of the creature. They have slain the dragon god Trog’than.

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