The Story of Proxenos

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The partial script of what was uncovered by Crux after the defeat of the mummy. The following was taken from the rubbings made while within the mummy’s tomb.

… it was him, Proxenos, that was the betrayer. The Night Mistress rage at this was unsurmountable. How could her consort do this? How could the consort go to …

… and Hecate just laughed at her misery. For the Mistress of the Undead knew what was coming and that Proxenos would be forever hers one day. Hecate cursed him to spend seven years of wandering with nothing but the skin of a cave bear to wear. She enjoyed watching Proxenos struggle as the years of carrying the heavy shroud began to weigh on him. Of course, even Hecate knew that mortals had needs. She gifted the beast’s skin with a magical pocket with limitless denarius to get by. At first, of course, Proxenos used the funds to have outlandish parties and gifted his friends with great prizes. Slowly his curse began to take its toll on his social life. He was forbidden to cut his hair, clip his nails, bathe, or pray to any of the deities. His appearance soon grew grotesque and his friends dwindled down to none. Proxenos continued along his ….

… for she would only lie with him after he bathed. Even though Proxenos protested heavily, the Night Mistress was unrelenting. First, Proxenos prayed to Hecate to keep him from breaking his vows, but when he raised his hands, his fingernails clipped each other and broke. Realizing that failure meant his eternal death, Proxenos pleaded with her to not do this. Proxenos was dragged by the hair and tossed in the pool, the Night Mistress still holding a tuft of Proxenos’s hair. His vows were lost. His future was lost. Perhaps there was a way the Night Mis….

… throughout the night, Proxenos was unrelenting in his relations with the mistress. He cast off the bear skin that he wore for so many years and was enraptured by the events of the night. The next morning, Proxenos found himself bound and unable to move. Standing over him was Hecate as she laughed at him. The Night Mistress awoke and her rage over took her, however, she was no match for the goddess. She dropped to her knees and pleaded with Hecate to release him of his fate. She did not. Instead, Hecate mounted and took Proxenos as her own right in front of her. When she was finished with Proxenos, Hecate detailed out how he came to her with his desire for them. A deal was made that if he could play by her rules and be with only her for the seven years, then he would be gifted with a powerful artifact that would make them fall in lov …

… while she laid there in pain, the contractions getting unbearable. They birthed a child that was of undeniable power. The bl….

…continued to lay with him until she was done with her toy. He was cursed to live in a graveyard on a small island where he would be forced to relive that night in his mind for eternity.

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