Session 14 — First Contact

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Gerastios 8th Dojups, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

The group returns to the colony after just over a week away. With a new ship full of supplies and a group of rescued survivors, they are in need of a little rest. After briefing Galon on what had happened and sharing their maps, Haned, Valerie, Erik and Crux take a week to rest, relax and get some gear upgrades. Likewise, Galon updates the team on what has been going on while they have been away. Khloe and a small group took the other rowboat to explore the other nearby island. A small pass that may lead out of the valley was discovered near the waterfall. After learning that Valerie’s condition is stable and not life threatening, it was decided that the next mission was to explore the possible passage.

The set out for the waterfall the next morning. After some searching, they found where the passage was. It was a good fifty to sixty feet wide, but due to the heavy foliage and canopy, it was extremely well hidden. The passageway was inclined and seemed to eventually get above the steep cliffs that surrounded the valley.

The travel was slow as the terrain was rocky and steep at times, however, after a few hours into the path, there was movement spotted nearby. With caution, they continued the trek … as did the mysterious creature. Finally, Crux decided to confront the threat and called them out. A pair, whom was also cautious, slowly stepped out of the trees. The pair appeared to be dinosaurs in nature, three horns on their plate-frilled head and roughly the size of Haned.

It appeared that the pair were trying to communicate using a series of grunts and groans. Crux used his magic to try and allow him to understand their language. Moments after he cast his spell, one of the creatures had done the same. Now the newcomers and this strange, new creature can communicate. While there was still magic being used, the communication was still rough. The creatures identified themselves as Nesyrm and Cadus. They, in turn, stated that they have never seen creatures like them … except for Haned. The centaur was referred to a “centaurus” and being an almost legendary race likened to the demigod Chiron.

The interaction between the two groups continued to be friendly as they learned of a nearby village … and another reference to the mysterious Night Mistress. “She who should not be named” is how these creatures referred to her, sharing the same message that if you were to speak her name, then it would bring about your death. They described their first encounter with the followers of the Night Mistress and it sounded eerily familiar to Haned’s encounter with the Batrachos.

The two creatures led the group out of the passageway and up onto a plateau that overlooked the valley. They could see the island they were just at a little over a week ago and the other island that Khloe went to investigate. However, they could not see the colony settlement. The tree canopy covered any sign that it was there. A short walk through a small stand of trees and the group could see the small village. With their heads spinning at the discovery of a new race, they made their way onward.

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  1. As they approached the village, Haned looked around with caution. Their new friends’ mention of She Who Must Not Be Named had shaken him and he worried where it would lead. The attitudes towards that being here on the island were weird and there was no telling how they would react. She was clearly a major power. Maybe the biggest, or at least was in the past. He couldn’t tell if she was liked or hated and that made people’s reactions unpredictable. The frog people seemed to worship her, but then why react the way they did when her name was read? The hiding of her name alone was…odd. There were several reasons he could think of for why to hide a name. Fear, Reverence, Geas… all could be a factor here, or maybe even several of them at the same time. 
    He resisted the temptation to rub again at the amulet he wore. He itched for a few minutes alone to examine it and see if there were any symbols on the medallion. In the haste to deal with the Dragon he hadn’t taken a good look at the amulet when they found it, and later were distracted by other concerns. He fumed at himself for the oversight. Before, when he was smart he’d never have let that happen. He would have realized right away that the Medallion that bore the blessing of the ‘Mistress might have some insignia of her on it. Who knows how these villagers would react to someone that was wearing her symbol? And how would that mix with their reverence for one of these “Centaurus” beings. 

    Haned frowned at a thought and again had to stop his hand mid motion. There were other things they had gotten in the lair of that snake woman. They hadn’t looked at those deeply either, beyond what was needed to determine they were magic. There was the bracers that Crux now wore, the rod, Eric’s dagger… and his bow. In his years adventuring, he’d seen symbols in a lot of odd places. He’d even seen one holy symbol carved on the underside of a stone chair. But it wasn’t common to put them on weapons. Unfortunately it was too late to do anything about it now. Even he was smart enough to know that you don’t go pulling out weapons while trying to make a friendly approach to a village of unknowns. But that gave him an idea…

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