Session 17 — He Who Spoke Her Name

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Hyacynthios 10th Dojups, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

The group find themselves in the small village after the attack of the Kryfó. The assassin had killed the villagers to bring out the true target. The group needs to seek shelter and rest since the night has fallen. Haned unbinds his glaive and rest in Talos’s residence. They keep watch through the night since they believe that the assassin is still out there. Over the night, sounds were heard outside. The scraping sound across the window drove the hysteria during Erik’s watch. During his watch, Crux decides to open the door slightly and send out some rocks that were enchanted with light to allow him to see better. A slight breeze signaled that the Kryfó has entered the building. It was then that things began to fall apart.
The group learns that the Kryfó had entered the building and they begin to figure out ways to detect him. Sadly, though, they discovered the invisible assassin too late. Erik let out a scream as a blade pierced his neck, his lungs and his heart, killing him. The assassin flees the house and crashes through the window. Blood remained where he burst through. Crux and Haned stand there looking at his body, injured and shocked at the death of their companion.

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  1. He stared at the body of his friend, the blood still oozing from the gaping wounds forming a growing puddle; creeping slowly towards Haned. 
    “He’s dead.” A thousand thoughts ran through his mind, calculations of how the battle passed.
    “I didn’t save him.” Errors glared at the warrior, screaming out in the voice of his friend. Little failures of positioning, big failures of strategy.
    “I should have stood over him after he fell.” He’d been so sure they were strong enough. They’d killed a dragon after all.
    “I could have hidden him inside another barrel.” The breeze outside rustled leaves outside the broken window.
    “I should have switched to my bow when the glaive wasn’t hitting well.” How many times had he been the one being defended, how many times had he seen companions fall?
    “I should have been able to save him.” This time it was his job to hold the line, to guard the week, to keep others alive so they could damage.
    “I failed him.” A timid voice pierces the silence. “Ahem, hello?” Haned turns and glares at the dwarf poking his head into the doorway.

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