Session 18 — The Animated Yard Gnome Mulligan

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Apollonios 11th – Daisios 12th Dojups, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

There they stood. Erik’s dead body was there before them, slain by the Kryfó. Talos sent for Ethan, a shipwrecked blacksmith that they found, and he arrives at the house to see the scene. The dwarf was shocked that there were other survivors and relayed the story of how he ended up in the village. As a devout follower of Hephaestus offered to say a few words, but it is meant with reluctance and Crux’s asshole personality.
Haned and Crux pilpher through Erik’s belongings and find some truly concerning information. There were maps that detailed out guard positions and locations where expensive items would be kept. Symbols on the writings and his tattoos are found familiar by Haned from a past life and reveal that Erik was a member of a thieves guild that operates out of Arcadia. Erik’s gear and body were placed in the bag of holding and the new trio head out of town to explore further.
The make camp and during Haned’s watch, the mouse that has been visiting Haned makes another appearance during a watch and he feeds the mouse some trail rations. He questioned out loud what the mouse was and how it keeps appearing. The mouse seemed to look at him and then looks at his bag. It turns out that the mouse has made its home in a corner of Haned’s bag.
The next morning, they continue along the top of the cliffs when they spotted smoke rising through the jungle canopy where the colony is located. Flying above it are multiple winged creatures … then they spot that there is a group of the winged creatures heading towards them. They were under attack.

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