Session 19 — Please Haned Don’t Hurt ‘Em

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Daisios 12th – Panamos 13th Dojups, 4 AR – The Year of Feathered Downs

Haned, Crux and Ethan find themselves next to a stream that waterfalls down the cliff, where they can see fires burning in the colony and winged creatures flying towards them. They brace and prepare for battle as the wave of harpies decend upon them. They are carrying large stones and bodies, one of which was still struggling to break free. The party finds themselves at a slight disadvantage at first, but when the harpy wave landed, they unloaded on the creatures. The one with a struggling human goes back and forth from the cliff as she attempts to drop her cargo. In a display of skill, or luck, the human launches himself out of the grasp of the harpy and successfully lands safely on the cliff. They harpies are quickly taken care of and the remaining ones flee towards a small island off the coast … the one Khloe and company went to explore.
The survivor, who was known as Shay, explained that the raid was sudden and many perished. As a group, they decided to stop the current exploration mission and head back to the colony to see what they can do. It takes the rest of the day as they make haste for the colony. Down the path and into the colony to find some buildings still burning and dead bodies being gathered.
Galon confirmed that the raiding party fled towards the small island and that many people and livestock were stolen. It was decided that they would take the cog and head to the island to find out why these creatures raided them. The next morning, the ship is loaded up and is just about to set sail.

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