Dramatis Personae

These are the characters that will be involved in the ‘Mysteries of Argonis Island’ campaign. This campaign begins with the characters joining on to be colonists that will sail to the island. Now, after a catastrophic event upon arrival, they are shipwrecked on the island with limited supplies and the next scheduled supply ship was a few months away.

Haned – Centaur Fighter – Played by Hugh

Haned is a centaur with a simple clean shaven face framed by well trimmed pale blond hair. His strikingly blue eyes are etched with pain. His leather armor is neat, and covers his upper torso well. The lower half of his body is a striking Buckskin color: Light tan with black lower legs, mane (from the middle of his upper torso down onto the lower torso), and tail.

Valerie- Vulpine Bard – Played by Derek

Valerie is about 5’6, lithe body type but busty in all the right places. Long blonde hair parted in the middle and adorned with an extravagant hairpin. Her tail matches the color of her hair. She wears a short low cut pink dress that is cinched at the waist with a black and gold belt, black ankle boots with stocking up to her thighs. She has golden eyes that turn pink when she casts spells and has a beauty mark on her cheek bone.

Erik – Human Rogue – Played by Ethan

Erik is a tall and lanky ginger with his hair in a short buzz cut. His face looks soft and happy but his eyes tell another tale. His ragged clothes only hide his lightweight armor. The hood could cover most his face in the dull gray fabric. However his stained yellow cartography backpack makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

Crux – Aasimar Warlock – Played by Brandon

Crux is a tall, slender humanoid with sharp features and light grey eyes, the platinum blond hair almost blending with his pale flesh. The fine cut of his silken robes and slight sneer of his thin lips tell you all that he wants you to know: this being thinks rather highly of himself; everyone else, not so much.