Session 2: Come on like a Flame, Turn a Cold Shoulder


The traffic camera watched as the runner known as Raven arrived first to the abandoned building across the street from the warehouse turned stash house. The technomancer made a halfhearted attempt at the boarded up door before giving up to wait for more of the team. Another camera watched impassively as Bright came down the street and joined up with Raven at the door. The two made a more forceful attempt to budge the door accomplishing little more than drawing some minor attention to themselves.

A passing package delivery drone saw Bright move around the building to find a broken loading dock door ajar. The two runners slipped in through the door and shortly after the traffic cameras noted the arrival of Rune and Oma, each following through the side entrance.

An Ares Uber absently trailed Ratchet’s bulldog until she parked her van a few blocks away, the rigger seemingly content to remain on call within.

A Horizon AR Advertising Drone passed high above noting the runners taking up position in the early afternoon on the roof across from the warehouse.


“You drekheads better get ready, these people might be meatbags, but we don’t want to keep them waiting. Get the tarps out and ready.” Steel scowled at the gangers in the warehouse. He didn’t particularly like working with these mafia types but orders were orders and they were holding up their end of the bargain.

The Grey Wolves’ front vehicle was already waiting outside, as soon as the regular workers were gone they began to unload the re-up. One of his men ran the forklift drone pulling the 55 gallon drums of “Eggshell #2 Wireless Negating Paint” off of the truck and placing them next to the tarps that were laid out. The rest of his men quickly popped the tops off and began fishing out the sealed packages of bliss, cram, and zen. Occasionally shipments contained more exotic options, but these were the staples that moved the best on the street.

As soon as they cleaned up and accounted for all of the drugs, the mafia men jumped back in their truck and headed back to Spiros’ Wholesale Paint Supplies. The gangers topped off the drums with white paint and re-sealed them putting them on shelves for legitimate redistribution by the actual business that shared the building with their stash.

The gangers stashed the drugs in their section of the warehouse, and then they settled in to watch the place until the dayshift.


|||Indecipherable||| rolled through the streams of flame that wove their way between the various hyperplanes within the Metaplane of Fire. It was debating where to hunt next when it began to feel a tugging. Realizing what was happening it began to try to resist the pull towards the gaiasphere but it relented as it gained a sense of the shaman pulling it there.

It coalesced in the astral next to the shaman and reached out across their spiritual link to acknowledge its arrival. The shaman conveyed her orders and the fire spirit |||Indecipherable||| felt the decision to relent and answer the call worthwhile after all. The job was straightforward and sounded quite enjoyable. Spread the gift of fire throughout a nearby physical construct. The shaman just asked that it start in one particular spot.

Within an instant it materialized next to the initial target, and the spirit was relieved to see that while the building itself would be resistant to its gift, there was plenty of material inside to spread the flame. When the strange, mostly empty husks began to open fire, the spirit considered lashing out at them, but the shaman hadn’t actually asked for that. It decided to stay focused on the task at hand given that the half living constructs could only deliver the slightest scratch to it.

Eventually they got the message and ran fleeing while |||Indecipherable||| continued its work before returning to his own plane.


Otto looked up from sorting through the bags of garbage he had dragged back into the alley, as the orange glow emanating from across the street drew his attention. He ducked back behind some debris as he saw the gangers pour out into the street from their warehouse. They were shouting and pointing at the building, pushing each other towards it, but with no one willing to going closer.

Out of nowhere, a storm seemed to form around the gangers, and ice covered the street underneath them. Chaos erupted as some of the gangers fell, others huddle tight against the apparent cold, and in some cases as they moved he could see their armor and gear turn brittle and break. Although some ran off, a core group began to form ranks and begin to set up a defensive line around the sheet of ice that had formed.

In short order, the squatter heard a car peel out and the gangers took off shooting after it. With a last glance at the strange ice with an ornate runic pattern laid into it, Otto used the opportunity to move back into his squat. As he came to the door he could hear Nelek shouting at someone in a mix of German and Polish, then the crash of a bottle.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw a group of people climbing down the shoddy ladder from the roof, as one in bright orange and blue attire crossed to Nelek and offered a bottle of vodka. Nelek naturally changed his assessment of these trespassers, and settled happily with the bottle, waving Otto over. Otto sizing up the group, certainly responsible for tonight’s events, quickly assured them that neither of them had seen a thing.


Back in the Temple of Chrome, Father Razer attended to a ganger with cracked dermal plates in the adjacent operating room, while Augur, the gang’s leader roared in the main gathering room.

“I should rip the chrome out of all of you. You don’t deserve the voyage on the Ship of Theseus. You fraggers lost the entire shipment?”

“Boss, there was nothing we could do. We tried to fight the spirit but nothing would deter it. And then the blizzard hit us and..”

“I don’t want excuses. Do you know how much we lost tonight? And our partners aren’t going to be very forgiving. I want blood for this. Did you see anyone?”

The lieutenant cringed, “No, they must have been using mojo to hide from us. We tried to catch them.”

Augur stewed, “It must have been that fragging Circle. And they dare send us terms?” As enraged as he was at the loss of the stash, the nerve that someone would burn down his goods and then dare set terms. There would be hell to pay.

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  1. We all sat there and discussed how we were going to accomplish this job. We had the basic information we needed and knew that the shipment was arriving in a couple of days. After surveying the area, we decided to post up on the roof of an abandoned warehouse that was across the street. From there we will be able to keep eyes on everything going on. We were going to post up the day before, about mid-day, and stay through the night since we didnt know what time the truck was going to arrive.

    I spent some time in the day to bring forth a Falcon. Not sure if he will be needed, but in case I needed him, he will be there. Unfortunately, I was not able to get very much sleep at all again. I met up with the team still tired and sore from the previous day.

    I tried the front door of the warehouse, but couldnt get it open so I waited for Bright. We both tried and started to draw attention when we couldnt get it open. Instead, we found another way in that was more hidden. Once the rest of the team arrived, we moved up the rackety stairs to the roof access and took up our posts. I brought along my assault rifle and positioned it for ease of use, just in case.

    So the plan was to have Oma summon a fire elemental, some sort of magic thing, and have it destroy the contents in the warehouse. I had Pidgeon place a cookie on the delivery truck to track it back to where it came from. Once the truck left, all hell broke loose. The spirit did its job and was able to destroy the warehouse. Rune used some magic to further cause chaos while Bright left the data chip in one of the leader’s commlinks. Once it appeared that the gangers were getting their wits, and we confirmed the destruction of the drugs, we decided we would make a break for it.

    As a distraction to cover our route, Bright hijacked a car and made it speed off as if they were us. We went out the back and met up with Ratchet’s bulldog. The job was completed without a hitch. We found that the suppliers were members of the Turkish mafia. Not sure what their presence is currently or if they may be moving on additional territory, but will need to follow up with the Vory just in case.

    ~~Quoth the Raven~~

  2. Our Message Was Sent Successfully. Bonus Objective Acquired To A Reasonable Degree. My Pressure To Keep The Others Focused On Acquiring Maximum Potential Payed Off. I Am Happy With The Results Of Our Partnership. The Fire Certainly Did The Job Of Destroying The Drugs. Though We Lost The Value Of Those If The Gang Sift Through The Wreckage It Will Send A Bigger Message As The Remains Will Show Our Lack Of Interest.

    I Will Look Into My Associates To Form A Profile On Trustworthiness. Also Plan On Putting A Post On The Topic Board To See How Best To Get Close To Others.

  3. Gotta say, first time running with these guys had to be the funniest I’ve seen so far. Hacking, Magicking, and even Raven getting in on the whole ordeal is pretty nice. Like, we even got the objective on the first try! The fixer at least seemed mildly impressed that we do so, and I’m glad about that.

    Those guys all scrambling once the fire spirit turned up only to get blasted by the ice storm was pretty darn neat. I swore I could hear the crackling of some dude’s armor as it just broke off him. Between that and me hacking it all out of comission, I can say that the whole of the warehouse was pretty darn exciting.

    Although, I hacked a car to try and get attention, and that worked as well. I really should have invested more into messing with cars with my deck. It’s been a while since I’ve actually done that, and man did it feel awkward. It got the job done though, so I can’t complain.

    Either way, I’m hoping to hook up with the guys and Raven again soon for another job. Maybe I’ll go see my Doc beforehand just to see what he has brewing up. I always like visiting the guy, his office smells a lot like berries. Welp, at least with everything done, I got time to kill. Maybe I’ll poke Raven or work more on my electronic hacking.


    Cars can be useful.

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