Session 1: Neighborhood Watch


“I could give a frag what the going rate is in Macau, here it’s 200,000 nuyen. Match it or go eat an APDS round,” the elderly dwarf at the head of the table barked in Cantonese. Arcade ignored the four runners starting to assemble in the meeting room as she listened to the desperate Wuxing manager on the other end of her call. Continuing in Cantonese she told the would be Herr Schmidt that she would put him in touch with an appropriate runner team in the next two days.

Each of the runners had received the job through The Event Horizon earlier in the day and had made their respective ways through the various “secret” entrances to the club. There was a time when the security procedures weren’t just theatrics and the tunnels closely guarded secrets, but that was when it had mattered to stay as deep in the shadows as possible. Now with reunification, runners here were just as much part of the megacorp system as everywhere else in the world.

She shot off some messages to a runner team on another job as she pulled up the brief for this meet, all this activity had been much easier to manage back when she had the working datajack, but she had never replaced the fused, burned out ‘ware after the Crash. “Gut, gut, wunderbar. This meeting will be a bit unusual.” starts the woman as she scans quickly through the profiles she has on the runners sitting before her.

Bright is unusually upbeat, befitting his name, for a decker. His talents are likely overkill for the job, but better to be sure.

Raven is notably less upbeat, and doesn’t seem to bring that much as runner, but she’s smart, can handle herself well, and Bright prefers to work with her.

Ratchet has a little in common with the target of this job, except instead of cyberware, she’s preoccupied with drones. Very skilled rigger so always an asset.

Rune should serve well as the team’s astral support for this job – the tough mage will give an edge against the gang should things go sideways.

“You will not be meeting with Herr Schmidt today. I have been tasked with assembling and hiring a team to run a job for, let’s say the community on the whole. The problem is that –”

The Fixer’s briefing was cut short as the door the meeting room slammed open, as Oma, another older woman, bursts in chidding Arcade for not including her in this job. In fact, Arcade had taken great joy out of purposely keeping the old, busy-body Shaman out of the job. Unfortunately, there was no point in fighting it, and Arcade pushed on with the briefing, adjusting the payouts (losing out on some of her own profits).

The rest of the briefing went fairly smoothly, other than a few painful reminders of a Sewing Circle incident years ago. By the end, for 10,000 nuyen each, the team agreed to steal or destroy the main stash of the Cybered Sons of Salvation, and with some subterfuge, deliver an ultimatum to the group. With luck, the team would uncover whoever has recently been backing the gang.


Team utilized club space to develop initial plan.
Team usage of soundscape deemed optimal.
Additional countermeasures activated to assist.
Probability of surveillance based on risk factors:
...Calculating team specific risk: Low
...Calculating job specific risk: Low
...Calculating generic risk: Low
Probability of compromised operations: Negligible.


Corsair sat surveying his new domain.

Across the street was a pathetic shrine to the weakness of flesh. As far as the chromed out troll was concerned the Cybered Sons owned the Community Gardens Co-op already. They just hadn’t announced it to the meatbags yet.

Payload, one of his soldiers walked by him, “One of the Neophytes just said there’s some people hanging out by a van that just pulled in. Want me to deal with them?”

The troll glanced down the block and then sneered, “Get your fragging chips checked. Afraid the old woman has some knitting needles on her?”

Annoyed and distracted by his idiot subordinate, Corsair dismissed a random alert on his commlink out of hand. The rest of the night went without much to note, the dangerous granny and crew heading into the Co-op as he figured.

At the end of the night, he collected the nuyen the sellers had collected, and gave Payload the dwindled stash they had left to keep safe. The troll returned to his own apartment with the gang’s earnings, his Uzi, and a new, unseen companion belonging to Ratchet.

The next day, Corsair called up his core crew to meet at Sadowski’s Perogie Shop.

The ganger, Wardog, tapped on the forehead of the chrome part of his skull. “Brother Reaper gave me this as an offering for the Ship of Theseus. Did I ever tell you he used this to brain a dandelion eating Circle robe. The keeb was trying to work some mojo and Reaper just closes in a flash and headbutts him so hard they were scrapping up elf chunks for days. And then there was that fight with the Sterns, he-”

Corsair jabbed Wardog on the shoulder, “I need you to stop by and pick up new stock before tonight.”

As the gangers left, Corsair lost a traveling companion, and Wardog picked one up.

The ganger headed to a battered van and drove to a nearby warehouse just as the business was closing. A couple other Cybered Sons opened the gates and let the van pull in.

In short order, Wardog left with 4 new large dufflebags, and the Fly Spy stayed at the stash house.


Bright scanned through the messages he had pulled from the host.

Mr. Eisenberg,
I do not feel comfortable with these lowlifes around. They threaten us if we even so much as look at their shelves.
I thought one was about to beat Gilda to death.
Why are you allowing this?
Look, you need to just deal with this. It can't be helped.
I can't talk about this more, just stay out of their way and don't come around after hours. Please.


Ratchet circled through the air in the warehouse above two gangers huddled together. She weaved fast patterns in the air above them, careful to always keep clear audio reception as they chatted.

The long hours of surveillance paid off when the gangers revealed that they were expecting a re-up from their suppliers in two days.


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  1. So I received a message from the Event Horizon. This is a club where shadowrunners, or those that want to appear like they are, gather. When I contacted Bright, he too received a message. Thats good, I feel like I can trust Bright. Others are not so understanding when I help on the Matrix. They don’t understand how I do what I do without a cyberdeck, and to be honest, neither do I. Bright is different though, he welcomes my help and doesn’t pry into the how or why’s. When it comes to my abilities and my flock, I don’t have the answers to the questions that people ask, things just seem to happen when I think about them. I am straying a bit, so lets get back to the meet.

    We arrived there, had to take mass transit and walk since the fraggin car broke down, and met up with the rest of the team. I have seen them before and know of them, but I haven’t worked with either of them before. There’s Rune, who is a dwarf. Seemed nice enough and he is apparently a mage. Then there is Ratchet. She, atleast I think she is a she, is a rigger that likes her drones apparently. Its hard to get a reading on her and not sure why. She seemed friendly enough and helped out on the legwork with her drones, but there was something off-putting about her.

    When we all arrive, we meet with an older lady that explains there are some gang problems with the community farming co-op. This got my attention since I tend to spend quite a bit of time there helping out. As she was explaining this, another older woman burst in. I was a bit surprised that there were no weapons drawn when this happened since it was completely unexpected. Apparently, this woman known as Oma, has a history with the Johnson. They started bickering back and forth and there was mention of a sewing circle that the Johnson wasn’t invited to and she was still sore about it. Not thinking much of it, I interjected myself in the spat and asked about the sewing circle. This got me an invite to it and it is weekly on Thursdays. I have been meaning to lean more about sewing, so why not.

    After the interruption, we continued on with the meeting. However, it seemed that the Johnson kept secretly glaring at me since I was invited to the sewing circle. The gang, known as the Cyber Sons of Salvation were encroaching on new territory, which included the farming co-op. They got a new supplier of drugs and started pushing further and further. The other powers at be wanted to send them a message about this encroachment, but not ignite a full out war with them.

    The job seemed simple enough, we find out where the drugs are being kept and eliminate their supply, then leave a datachip in a conspicuous location that will have a message for them. If possible, we could find out who the new supplier is. After the meet was completed, we met elsewhere in the club where we can talk more and discussed how to find out where the drugs were being stored. The decision was made to scope out one of the drug peddler’s corners and see what info we can get from them. It was decided that the corner near the co-op would work best.

    So to make a long story a little shorter, the corner was run by a chrome dome meathead. Bright hacked into his commlink and was able to get some info from it. Ratchet had one of her drones follow him and I asked a pigeon from my flock to monitor his commlink. In the end, we learned the location of a storage facility and started scoping it out. Seems like its a legitimate business during the day and is run by the gang at night. Now that we have a target, we need to develop a plan of attack to break into the place, clean it out and leave the message … all without leaving a trace that we were there.

    ~~Quoth the Raven~~

  2. It has been a bit since I got to stretch my legs around the city. It’s so fun fun to just move about and play around on my deck, but now I got back on a job and even get to work with Raven again. I always enjoy it when we’re together. I like Raven, and she likes helping me and is really nice. I’m not sure I could imagine doing things without her now. It is always really fun to be around her. On that note actually, the others seems really nice as well.

    Now that we’re on a job again, this time Raven and I have more people here. There’s Rune, who seems like a nice mage. He even looks like my rocker friend who likes those people who play “Suck my Orbital.” I don’t really get the point of the song, but at least the sounds are good. I think he might be magical as well, but I don’t know what he does yet.

    Oma is funny, but the white haired ones are always funny. They often forget things and move slower, but she seems to move fast, almost as fast as the young ones. She also had problems with the Arcade lady, but she did get us more pay. Money is always great, and she does smell nice. It’s like the smell of the grey hairs but sweeter. I wonder if she bakes cookies or something.

    Oh! And the last little girl was really funny. I think her name was Ratchet, but she was absolutely fun to be around. She talks with a strange tone, it’s like a machine. Yet, it makes her sound really interesting, and it makes things that she says all the more fun to listen to. I tried to be more quiet than usual when she was talking, listening to her made me smile a bit. I think it will be nice to keep working with these people.

    And the work seemed to go okay for the first time. I lost a hack into a commlink, and I got a bit sad. Raven cheered me up though! She did her thing with her special friends, her little Ravens. It made sure I got into the commlink! I always think it’s cute when she does that. She does it well. Sometimes I don’t know why she doesn’t want people to know, but I suppose that’s alright.

    Anyway, things went well. I can’t wait to go into more. We found a stash and now we just need to put this chip somewhere. I hope we find someone REALLY high up to give it to. It so fun to do the job well, and I wanna make sure it gets done.

    Anyway, Bye Journal. I’m going to listen to “Suck my Orbital” again. Maybe I’ll find out what it means.

  3. Receiving Contact I Entered Into A Building In Order To Meet With A Contact. Was Told To Head To The Back. When Arriving They Removed My Shotgun [Note: Acquire Hideable Shotgun] I Sat Down. The Meeting Went Passably. We Apparently Are Working With Maleficent As A Runner Arrived Without Invite And Talked About Sowing. I Am Unsure Why People Don’t Have Suitable Hobbies Like Drone Design and Racing.
    I Decided To Tackle The Task Directly. Sending A Fly Spy To Monitor The Area And Feeding The Data To The Team. From This We Will Hopefully Make A Assault Plan. Though They Seem To Desire To Rush The Operation At The Cost Of Injury Of Our Clients Goals.

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