Session 4: Hello darkness, my old friend

The delivery drone abruptly broke from its previous route as it passed the Event Horizon and began to follow a group getting into a Bulldog. As the Bulldog made a turn north onto Zingster Street, the drone ducked into the steady stream of drone traffic following the same route.

The Bulldog parked, and for a time, no one came out while the team inside went about their work remotely. Unspotted by the now hovering drone, two flyspies under Ratchet’s control went about their work surveying the alley, spotting what signs remained of the killing that had occurred. Traveling further down the alley, the rigger also spotted signs that a manhole cover was used.

Meanwhile, Bright sunk into VR and pulled footage from traffic cameras catching the victim being pushed down the alley by a man she had been walking with from a nearby bar. A second man who had been trailing behind, followed into the alley behind them.

The drone focused its camera as Oma left the van, crossing over to enter a small market next to the alley. A camera inside the store picked up as the team’s shaman questioned the disillusioned clerk, learning that the woman was a regular in the area, but the man unfamiliar.

As Oma returned, Bright continued to work his way back through the events of the night, finding a nearby bar where the victim had spent the evening. Pulling camera footage from the bar’s host, he finds the woman alone at the bar initially and then leaving with the man who pushed her into the alley. The second person trailing them outside of the alley is seen sitting alone in the bar towards the back.

Oma, Ratchet, and Raven head into ask questions in hopes of turning up anything additional. Between the bartender and another regular, they confirm that the woman was a regular to the area, the man she left with was not, and second man creeped everyone out.

The delivery drone watched as the team piled back into the Bulldog before it dipped back into the steady stream of drone traffic and resumed its original route.


Detective Funck found the city block’s aroma – a blend of trash, sewage and fear – a welcome respite from his partner’s blend of lunch meat, sweat, and what must be a third day of cologne as a shower substitute that permeated the car’s interior. Two uniformed LCP officers started to walk up to the detectives as a district animal control vehicle came to an automated stop behind the detective’s car. Funck knew the two cops as real company men, loyal in just the right way at a time like this, the type of cop you can trust to bury something inconvenient. The kind of cop work kids really aspire to, he thought with a sneer.

Ignoring his partner and the two cops as they went to throw animal control uniforms on, Funck dialed the runner Bright.
“On schedule there’s another. I can give you a short window to check the place out before we have to get rid of everything.”

Hanging up, he turned to the other cops, “Let’s give it a few. Keep everything out of view and keep people away.” Funck settled in against the wall of the apartment building to wait for the runners while his partner and the uniformed officers went to keep watch on the courtyard.

After a short while, a Bulldog pulled up across the street and sat strangely idle for a bit until Bright, Oma, and Raven emerged and headed over to the detective. Unknown to the detective, Ratchet scouted through the courtyard via her two flyspies.

Nodding to the runners, he directs Bright and Oma to grab animal control jackets and leads them to the scene hidden away under a tarp. Raven hangs back to work the matrix out of view of the remains.

Bright and Oma are overwhelmed astrally by a tainting of the astral near the scene. Both feel a sense of terror and rage edging into their awakened senses. Despite this Oma is able to pick up the trace of at least two illusion spells and a manipulation spell centered around the area the astral signature behind the spells noted by the Shaman.

Raven is able to grab security camera feeds from the apartment’s host and reviewing through it, she shares a video with the team. The footage shows two homeless men sitting in the center courtyard as two people from either entrance come into the courtyard from the streets. They methodically fan out and surrounding the center courtyard as a darkness covers the area. When the darkness dissipates, the four people are joined by one of the homeless men as they all leave the courtyard. The pile of remains sits in the center on display.

Starting to come to terms with the feel of the astral in the area, Oma and Bright note the aura of someone watching down a walkway along the second floor of the apartment complex. Oma heads up to see if the person is a witness or has any information and as she nears the man, she remembers having seen his face around the more ‘exclusive’ parts of the Event Horizon on occasion.

Through Kiln’s anguish over losing his friend in the courtyard below, Oma learns of Kiln’s connection to the victim and offers Kiln the chance to come along to help on the job and avenge his friend.

Detective Funck starts the clean up of the scene, while the runners and their new straggler head back to the Bulldog. The detective was right in guessing the runners would head off to review what they knew so far and determine their next steps. He would not, however, had ever guessed they would leave to discuss the murders over a bite to eat at the nearby french sausage restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Session 4: Hello darkness, my old friend”

  1. Dear diary, today I learnt to write on the comms so I can have a diary.

    It was a sad day with good things, so I don’t know if it was a sad day, but I feel sad, so it may be.
    Today some guys killed my friend Jens, and Karl is nowhere to be found, which is why I’m sad, but as they say, “after the storm has passed, a rainbow will come”. The rainbow never came, because it wasn’t raining, but I found Oma, or she found me, in any case Oma is a good person, I like her, she treated me nice, even help me wrote her name down so I won’t forget.
    She said she was ins… invs… investigating, she was investigating, which means looking after the Jens issue, and she said also that she saw me at Event Horizon, which seems to be a place, and not an Event!
    I asked if I could help find the guy who killed Jens so I could wear his buttocks as hat in Jens…’s? Tombstone, he would have laught at it. She said yes. Did I say I like her already?
    She also presented me to the other guys in the instigation, they seemed nice, but the robot one didn’t like me, so that is also sad. But it doesn’t matter, because they took me to Gigolo’s Sausages, and I had plenty, so I’m full and warm, I did also take a bath, so it was a good part on a bad day, I think I made friends.

    Oh, speaking of friends, the guys showed me in some fancy screen a recording of the thugs that killed Jens, and Karl left with them, so I told them where Karl usually is, and we will go and see… hear, what he has to say.

    This thing also makes Kiln write with no errors, makes me feel intelligent.

  2. So the investigation continues. At this latest scene, which I REALLY didnt want to go see the body, was a courtyard. The body had claw marks which were consistant with the previous victims. While Oma and the others scouted out the magicy stuff in the courtyard, I decided to try my had at getting some camera footage of the area. I mean, it couldnt be that hard right? I was able to hack in and get the feed from a camera overlooking the courtyard. After skimming through the feed, we came upon the event. I shared the footage, which was quite disturbing and Oma confirmed it was full of Magicy stuff.

    Then there was the homeless guy that was creepily watching the scene from a rooftop. Oma went to talk to him, with Bright covering. I couldnt find any cyberwear or, well any, matrix signals on him. As it turns out, he was a friend of the latest victim. Since he had some pertainent information that could be helpful to the investigation, we invited him into the van to discuss. This apparently irked Ratchet a bit, but she got over it. We decided that we would get some breakfast, since we have been at it all day and havent really eaten and our new found homeless person hasnt eaten in some time either. There was a restaurant nearby where we had breakfast and discussed the investigation more. This also allowed Kiln, the homeless witness, a chance to get cleaned up a bit as well. It was decided that we would check out where his friend, the latest victim, would hang out and see if we can find any further clues.

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