Session 5: Face the Thing that Should Not Be

The team regrouped the next day in hopes of tracking down Karl at any of his usual haunts. As Kiln led them from alley to alley, in one they came across a spot Jens and Karl often stashed any valuables they might have. Pulling the loose stone covering a small stash in the wall of a building, the team finds a broken commlink and assorted electronics and wiring. Kiln is more than familiar with (admittedly small) nuyen that the duo would get for the salvaged parts – enough to last them on the streets for a couple weeks.

Bright is able to pull some data off of the broken commlink, finding that it was owned by Hans Barth, the municipal employee found murdered around a week ago. The last time Barth was seen was being dispatched on a job to a maintenance substation in Neu-Hoy-Chen near to where his remains were found.

Heading to the substation’s location, the team discovered the door broken into and a wrecked room gutted of electronics and with splatters of dried blood and deep, clawed gouges in the cement walls. A broken access hatch leading down into a flood drainage system seems to be the obvious source for the attack.

Ratchet and Oma each use their respective abilities to remotely scout the tunnels below, and between Ratchet’s Flyspies and Oma’s summoned spirit of man they are able to track down the direction from which the assailant came.

The team, with an especially reluctant Raven, decided to delve into the tunnels to scout the situation out more directly once they had the general recon done. Following the paths established by the spirit and drones, the team makes their way through the drain tunnels to a break in the wall that drops into what appeared to be an abandoned underground rail line. Clear claw marks around found around the entrance.

The team made the decision to fallback and rest their drain & fade induced wounds before going farther, leaving behind a number of cameras throughout the tunnel system. Watching the cameras overnight in shifts, they see the five people from before making their way through the drain systems into the abandoned rail tunnel, before leaving again come morning.

Having recovered some, the team stocks up on supplies and heads back into the tunnels. As they drop into the abandoned tunnel, they advance up towards a mana barrier that is set guarding around a bunker with old military markings. Moving up to inspect the bunker more directly, Bright notices that the connection ports into the card reader lock system are unlike anything he’s seen in person before. A guess leads him to think the hardware is from an older generation of the matrix, incompatible with a modern cyberdeck.

While Oma debates whether to attempt slipping through the mana barrier astrally with her newly summoned spirit, Bright moves to the door to attempt to find a way around the lock sealing the bunker. Looking over the plates covering the device, Bright uses his tools to get access to the electronics within, unfortunately his inexperience with security systems causes the anti-tamper systems to go off.

As the decker stares at the card reader suddenly flashing a red alarm, in the astral, the hungering, monstrous projected form of the wendigo residing within emerges through the wall to stare down at the auras and astral shapes attempting to gain access to the bunker.

In the astral, the wendigo’s menacingly growls a simple statement: “Fresh meat.”

2 thoughts on “Session 5: Face the Thing that Should Not Be”

  1. I wonder if I should start something of an electronic business. I mean… I do like fixing them up, and I always love it when I can practice on something technological. The Matrix is weird in a lot of ways, it’s kind of like the Astral. There’s all these different personas moving about and forth, trying to find their way.

    I don’t know, technology in itself is amazing. I wonder why other people don’t really end up using more than a commlink. Although, they are really neat themselves. I built some of my own little customized ones to keep on me. It’s always fun to tinker with them.

    I wonder if Raven has ever tried to mess with tech, or even Ratchet for that matter. It always seems like something they might be into, maybe even Oma if she might have had a hobby. She like poking things with needles to make something. It’s a bit like that I’d imagine.

    Anyway, maybe it can come in handy today, I wonder if we’ll actually be able to solve this little thing with the cultists. I kind of hope we do. People suffering and the astral darkening are not good things to look forward to. At least if we got something like this caught, it might just get a little brighter around the city.

  2. What the frag …. I REALLY did not want to go down the dark tunnel of death. The first clue, the claw marks in the cement walls. I mean … come on. The claw marks ARE IN CEMENT! Whatever made those marks is obviously deadly and yet we are planning on going down this hole where this creature lives. ….

    Earlier in the day, a talked to Raptor and asked him for his assistance. He was …. reluctant at first, but finally came around. I did not know what we would face, but having Raptor in my flock gave me a little more assurance.

    So after some protest, I finally agreed to go down there. As we made our way through the tunnels, I could feel my connection with the Matrix fade. The loneliness began to set in at first, but the connection remained … I didnt get isolated from it. When we came upon a door, Bright tried to tamper with the ancient lockbox, but set off some alarms instead. Well drek, so much for a quiet entrance. I swapped out the ammo for my assault rifle to the APDS ammo and knelt next to the tunnel wall. There was apparently something that spooked both Oma and Bright, but I couldnt see anything.

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