The Event horizon

The Event Horizon (Der Ereignishorizont)

Night club, de facto community center, and Runner Haven. If you’re a player in “Neu-Hoy-Chen”, you’re known in The Event Horizon.


The Event Horizon is a night club that doubles as an open secret Runner Haven.  The club is built into a remodeled Fifth World bank, the once white stone facades now covered into a deep black which seems to defy any reflection of light, even despite the lines of neon lights accenting the surface.

As club goers approach the building, intense AROs begin to appear and increase to a dizzying degree as one nears the entrance. The sensory gauntlet overwhelms the viewer with personalized specials, upcoming acts, famous previous acts, and a wide array of enthralling dancers to attract all types. Upon crossing the first step up to the entrance, all of the AROs seem to be suddenly pulled in an instant into the black facade of the club.

Once through the bouncers, an large, often crowded, open space confronts the clientele. All of the floors of the old building have been removed creating a giant room with multiple levels of lofts hosting multiple bars and table seating. The ground floor consists of a horseshoe shaped dance floor that culminates in two stages. The center of the horseshoe is a long ramp down leading to the massive old vault door protected by a second set of bouncers. The vault itself has been converted into VIP rooms used for private parties and secretive meetings alike.

Sound System

The Event Horizon hosts a unique (and critics say gimmicky) music system that supports two dueling acts in the club each playing one of the stages at the same time. Through cutting edge speakers, exceptionally precise positioning, and a sophisticated mixing algorithm in the club’s host, a club goer will hear a different act depending on where they are standing.

Using the guidance of the light systems in the club, one can tell which stage act a given group of dancers is listening too. A group under purple lighting may be dancing to the retro Maria Mercurial cover band, while five meters away another group is thrashing to the latest Neo-Anarchist gutterpunk band to come out of the streets.

Conveniently for some enterprising types, a side effect of the complex interactions of sound waves in the space, dead zones of complete silence are formed here and there. These create a perfect bubble for guarded conversations surrounded by a cacophony of noise.

The Vault

The most exclusive part of the club, the Vault serves as a centerpiece of the room. VIPs begin to queue up on the ramp leading down which is covered by an armored surface with an AR display that provides a perfect view of the elite clientele entering the Vault.

The public (but secure) nature of the Vault gives it a special reputation as a place worth being seen for some celebrity types. While the Event Horizon is not broadly known through Berlin, locally it is a novahot club for stars to be seen.

At the gate, those that are cleared on the list pass through the massive 4′ thick vault door that leads to a series of private rooms. The vault has rooms that can cater to private shows to small, private meetings.

As a Runner Haven

Although the club is known relatively openly as a place to hire runners, it manages to obscure the actual interactions well enough that it maintains significant respect in the runner community. Crucial to this is the club’s secretive additional entrances.

Runners typically use invite only back entrances to the club, some of which can be blocks away from the club itself. These systems allow runners and discreet customers that don’t want the high profile of the main vault entrance to enter either the club proper or the VIP spaces without any public visibility.

Public Profile

The Event Horizon is a well known local club in Lichtenberg, but not broadly known to the city as a whole. On the surface the club often attracts upcoming acts and celebrities hoping to get caught appearing to (if not actually) hiring shadowrunners.

But the club serves a valuable public service: within “Neu-Hoy-Chen” it serves as a community focal point. Even power players from the district government and, on rare occasions, the Berlin Council make discrete appearances.

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