The Duchess Goes Grocery Shopping …

[Present Day — Baltimore, UCAS — 2075]

I decided to get out of bed today around 11am, that is after laying in bed for an hour or so checking various news and social media feeds. Its the day after our last run and for a Monday morning, it was relatively boring. I didn’t have any plans today, so I decided to spend the day out and about the town. I closed down the feeds on the commlink and played with Rabbit for a bit. He apparently was hungry due to the incessant meowing and I was as well. When I got out of bed, I slipped on my house slippers, that look like raccoon faces of course, and Rabbit immediately pounced on them. He really likes it when I wear them around the house, he will leap out of nowhere and attack them, then dart back into another hiding plan. “Frag!! Rabbit … damn you” I yelled when his claws went in a little too deep. I strolled out of the bedroom, still wearing my t-shirt and panties, and walked to the kitchen to get some coffee made. While it was brewing, I went ahead and fed Rabbit and decided to check out the city from the window. There were floor to ceiling windows in the living room that looked out over Baltimore and has a decent view of the harbor. The sun was out this morning, but clouds were expected throughout.

I made myself some breakfast and got dressed for the day. I needed to get some shopping done and made a list of what I needed. Now that I decided to keep Rabbit, I needed to get some more cat food and and stuff for him. I headed down to the Stuffer Shack and mostly wandered the aisles grabbing what I needed. I almost forgot to grab a pack of burritos and the food for Rabbit. As I went to the sections of the store, my AR display popped up a coupon for both of them. “SCORE!!” I went through checkout, grabbing a copy of the latest celebrity gossip magazine, and started back home.

I turned off the commlink since it started getting spammed with various celebrity news and some ads for Sir Fluffington line of cat clones by EVO. They looked strangely like Rabbit. I might have to check into if he is one of them. There were additional ads for various magical goods and, of course, upcoming concert events. I didnt feel much like looking to those now, but will at another time. I rounded the a corner and past a little boutique shop that had some antiques. Curious, I stopped in and checked around. I turned my commlink back on and brought up my AR display. There were some various odds and ends and even some 5th world trinkets. A small glass case caught my eye and there was a small silver amulet in it. I did a quick image search on the amulet and it was what I thought it was. A 5th world rendition of a symbol for my Shamanic tradition … and only 200 nuyen!! I got all giddy and bought it. It was a perfect fit.

I kept walking down the street and looking at then amulet. You know what, this would make a perfect telesma for a foci. I stopped in my tracks all of a sudden and looked around. Nothing …

Strange” I said to myself.

I kept walking, but someone … or something was watching me. I didn’t notice anyone around me so I shifted to look in the Astral plane, but nothing was there either. I picked up the pace as I finished the walk back to my apartment. I rounded the last corner and into the doors of the building. I stopped again to look around. Again nothing … I looked Astrally and what I say nearly knocked me off my feet.

What the frag!” I said in shock. “Dammit Raccoon!

Raccoon simply laughed and moseyed on his way. At least I knew that if nobody else was there for me, I could always count on Raccoon to be there. I laughed and went into my apartment. Rabbit was on the chair in front of the window soaking in the sun. I put away the groceries and gave Rabbit a new toy to play with. Of course he just looked at me in shock for disturbing him and went back to sunning himself.

So now that I have that stuff done, I need to get down to the shop and get some supplies for a magical lodge and have Star Feather make a focus for her.  She starts putting another list together.

Looks like today is going to be a shopping list day, Rabbit“. The cat again looks like “how dare you disturb me, woman!” I laughed and said, “one day we would be able to know what you say in your head and we will all live in fear …

The Duchess Goes to an R&D Facility …

[Present Day — Baltimore, UCAS — 2075]

So when we last left off, people, our little squad was about to get into it with the research facility guards. As the guard moved to detail Kira, I readied myself to hit the guard in the booth with a stunbolt if Soren failed. She used one of her mind spells to convince the the guard that the the scanner was malfunctioning. I took the queue from her and distracted the guard while she cast the spell. It seemed to work as we made our way to the secure part of the basement where the prototype was kept. The smoke from the smoke grenade was still billowing out of the HVAC system. I tried to convince them that the fumes may be toxic, but they had spare gas masks down here and they grabbed them.

“drek …” I thought to myself.

When we all got into the room, we decided to take the guards out. Kira and Freecoil go to take them out, but it wasnt enought to take them both out. I hit the remaining one with stunbolt and knocked him unconscious. BetaTest did his matrix mumbo jumbo and got us in. While he was hacking in to get the research notes, Freecoil and I searched around to find the actual prototype. After a few moments, he was able to decipher the pattern and get the prototype. While BetaTest was digging around, the Raccoon in me got the urge dig around, but sadly all the doors and drawers were closed. After the spell casting, I also took some time to erase my signature, in case anyone did some digging anytime soon.

So we have our prototype and our research notes and decided we would exit the place in a hurry. Soren conjured up a trid phantasm to look like the gaurds as we exited the room and through the first checkpoint. The guard there said something to one of the fake guards and I almost hit him with a spell, but it seems like he was fooled. The same with the sleepy gaurd that was at the entrance where we came in. We quickly exited the building, met up with BetaTest’s car and dumped the stolen van. We set up the meet and got paid.

So now I have a little spending nuyen in my pocket, now what to do with it. Not quite enough for a Jeep, but enough. I went back home where I have the fluffy white cat that was a part of this whole scheme. He jumped up in my lap as I sat on the couch. As I was petting him, I decided that I would keep him. I decided to change his name though and think will call him … Rabbit.  He’s soft, white and likes to jump on everything. Yep, I thought to myself, your name is Rabbit. I brought up my commlink and started doing some research on various formula for foci or alchemical items. Figured it might be time to look into making some myself.