The Duchess Gets A Phone Call

Glancing down at the ringing commlink, “Walker?” I say to myself. “Drek, what happened?” I slid myself behind some storage crates. The warehouse was empty from what she could tell, but you never know. Doing another quick look around the warehouse, she answers “Walker??? Whats going on? Is Acorn OK?

Yeah. She’s fine, kid. She’s fine. Just was a little bruised up today. Some mage put an ice sheet on the road as we were coming back from our meet.

Ok, good. What do you need me for? Kinda wrapped up in a few things here right now.” I peer up as the sound of a falling pipe hit the concrete floor.

I was just making sure you were fine now, kid. I wanted to check up on you. Things have been kind of crazy around the city at the moment.

Its seems to be crazy everywhere. I finally got a chance to just sit in my apartment overlooking the harbor the other day, then the drek hit the fan. Cant go into much details right now, but its definately getting crazier by the day.” Has it been that long since I have been there? I thought to myself.

I’m sure you could always come down to San Fran if you need to get away. I’m sure Acorn misses you and all. Wolf has grown up over the last few months into something healthy and strong, thanks again for him. He’s been a good companion…” The man gives an audible sigh on the end of the line, pressing his head against the wall.

I do plan on coming there soon, but it wont be for a little while. Like I said, the drek is getting thick here, but if I have to bug out, that is the only other place I would feel safe.

That’s good. Let’s hope the mage flinging all the ice is gone by the time you get here then. If something like that happens again, we’ll probably just has to hope we came out of it as fine as we did this time. Alright… I suppose I should let you take care if you got some drek on your plate.

Wait … what do you mean a mage flinging ice? Whats going on there?” I quickly asked. The sounds of clanking and crawling seemed to be getting closer, but I cant let on to Walker the trouble I am in. It sounds like he has his hands full there and it wont be able to do much right now anyways, even with access to the Archangel.

I mentioned it when I called you that Acorn got in an accident cause some mage flung an ice sheet out in front of us. Bastard sent us into a pile up, but the roadmaster took most of it.

Well thats different than what I assumed you were talking about. I thought you fought a mage that struck first, but it sounds like its more than that. What aren’t you telling me?

Sorry. I guess I misspoke. It seems some cowardly mage is going about the city and throwing ice sheets in the streets. Lotta cars and people have been crashing all over the city it seems. We didn’t see him, but it was obviously a spell.

Ahhh, ok … just seems kinda odd that an ice mage strikes and now your calling me. Are you sure that everything is fine … that Autu … erm … Acorn is fine?

The man chuckles a bit, giving a bit of a tight smile on his end. “Yeah. Yeah. She’s fine. I don’t know, I haven’t checked up on you, and you haven’t called yet. This is the first time in a bit, besides that bomb, that we’ve been injured out of a run. Seems like luck is shitting out all over, kid.

Indeed …. damn, now I am starting to sound like you … I was telling Acorn that I will try to make it out there in a few weeks. Hopefully by then things should be calmer

That’s good to hear, kid. You just try and be careful with whatever you are doing. Call me if you need any help alright? I’ve been worrying about those around me recently, so I just hope you’re alright.

Thanks, Walker. I should be able to handle this, but if anything is needed or if I have to flee, I will let you know.

Thanks, Duchess. Alright, I’ll leave you be then. Just take care.

I disconnected the call just as a the warehouse erupted in activity. “Drek!” I thought to myself. The way to the exit was clear so I dashed for it. The invisibility spell was hiding me, or so I thought. Just as I was about to crash through the open door, a spirit appeared. The grotesque form of a hybrid formed bug spirit stepped in between the opening and me. I quickly flung the katana at it and buried it deep in his chest, but it didn’t seemed to do much. The creature pulled it out and threw it down. I hit it again with a manabolt. I put all I had into the spell, as if my life depended on it, since well it did. The spell hit true and dropped the creature. I grabbed the katana and fled the warehouse. “Bugs … why the frag did it have to be BUGS!”