The Duchess Leaves Baltimore

So I haven’t been posting in awhile, there has been some new developments in my life. Baltimore is getting pretty thick with bug spirits and I think I have been able to trace it to the nest. Sadly, I will not be around to destroy the nest. I am getting packed and ready to move to San Francisco … Baltimore just isn’t safe for me anymore.

A few weeks ago, the talismonger shop where I work was hit by gangers, but these weren’t normal gangers, nor were they Yakuza. They were bug spirit hosts that were looking for me. They tore up the shop, destroyed everything and murdered my mentor, Star Flower. That is one of many new images that I cant get out of my head. The first was the Yakuza that I killed, the second was Acorn and the … incident, now seeing Star Flower laying dead on the floor in the shop. Her body was ripped and torn. The store was looted and all of her foci was stolen. The police say that it was a robbery gone bad, but I know better. She was tortured and murdered in an attempt to either get to me or to make me stop my search. Well it worked … I am leaving town.

A couple of days ago, I was over in my other apartment, which was attached to my fake SIN, and was attacked in the same manner as the Talismonger shop. They must not have expected me to be here since there was just a couple. I have been having spirits keep an eye on me since Star Flower was murdered and the fire spirit warned me that they were coming. I summoned Raccoon for some help and ambushed them as they came in. They were stronger than I expected, but I was able to kill them. I suffered some pretty bad wounds though and, what really pisses me off, is they killed Rabbit. I mean, for frag sake, what the hell was the reason for killing my cat!

I was mostly packed when that happened, so it was time to just get the hell out of town. I threw a healing spell on me to stop the bleeding and cleaned off the katana. Just before I left, I took a last look at the apartment and seen an old photograph of my parents. Kicking myself in the ass for not remembering to grab it, I stuffed in my bag and headed for the Jeep. I had made the arrangements with Frank to be able to access my trust fund from San Francisco. I still need to get an apartment there, but I can stay with Acorn or at the warehouse until I can find something. Frank also arranged for the Jeep to get shipped back to San Francisco as well. I told him to be careful and to take care, then closed the door and went to board the flight. Maybe some day he will understand why I went to the shadows, but for now, the less he knows the better. The shadows are fighting back. I cant do it all myself. I need help. I need people I trust. I need Havoc Squad.