The Duchess gets introduced …

So what can I say about me .. well, I am just your normal average teenager living in the Sixth World. Only, I am not. I am an orphan. Both of my parents were killed in a car accident when I was very young. UCAS investigators have reported their deaths as an accident. Since the accident, I have been in the care of Frank Walters. He is my financial planner. One good thing that has come from the death of my parents is that they left me a sizable trust fun and left Frank as the trustee. He set me up with a nice apartment in the Canton neighborhood, which has a fairly good view of the bay! Its close to the downtown club scene that I love to be apart of and there is still enough for a monthly stipend that I get. All in all, its a nice little get up. One of the things that he is requiring of me is to get a job. I was lucky enough to have my mentor, Star Flower … I think thats her name, but its what everyone calls her … but anyways, she has a talismonger shop in town nearby the apartment. She set me up with a part time job at the Feathered Talon and continues to mentor me. She was the first to see me as Awakened and introduced me to Raccoon. I will get into him more later. Life has been pretty good to me as of late. I was able to maintain the part time job during the day and party at the various clubs at night. Recently, I started to get into fashion and was estatic when Vashon Island released thier steampunk line of clothing. I quickly grabbed up what I could and had it customized. Frank wasnt too happy that I dropped a large lump of sum on an outfit, but he just doesnt understand fashion. I have it set that it shows different outfits and color schemes in an AR overlay. Still, the outfit just wasnt complete until I found a matching set of aviator goggles! Now when I go out clubbing, its like “what is Jenessa going to be wearing in AR this time?”. I have nutured and built quite the reputation among the clubbing crowd. Its like they look forward to what I will be wearing at the next party or which AR overlay will be next.

Then one morning it happened. 10 years after the death of my parents, I get a letter slipped under the door of my apartment. It simply said “It wasnt an accident”. What the frag! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I read that simple line over and over and over again. What does this mean? I went to the file cabinet that had a copy of the UCAS investigation report. I read over the entire report again and nothing seemed to jump out at me as odd. I hopped into the shower to get ready for the day and get dressed. There was a party going on down at the Lotus club that was supposed to be hopping. They booked a Maria Mercurial cover band that is supposed to be pretty good and gather a huge crowd. Naturally, I had to be there. But back to what I was saying. As I left for the club, there was another envelope that was under my door. I stopped and stared at it for a few moments. I hopped into Astral space to see if there was anything magical going on or any other presence around, but there was none. This time, it was a more cryptic message. “Look to the Shadows to shed the Light.” Look to the shadows … shadows … Those that refer to the shadows are generally regarded as Shadowrunners. Now I have heard of them and seen what the trids about them. But what would they have to do with the death of my parents. From the general consensus, they are generally anti-megacorp. As far as I knew, my parents had nothing to do with any of the megas. My mom and dad both held positions in the UCAS government, what exactly I dont know, but could that have something to do with thier death?

While I was at the Lotus enjoying myself, I could not stop the nagging in the back of my head. Now Raccoon knows that once I get that feeling, I need to follow it until its end. I once heard of a fixer named Sabot that had a connection with the shadows. I set up a meeting with him to see if he was able to assist me with what I was looking for. He simply said “Even the darkest shadows cannot keep things from the light.” It sounded just a cryptic as the note that was left. Before I started running the shadows, however, I needed some equipment. I met with Frank, explained my plan and requested some money to get started. He scoffed at the idea of my being a shadowrunner, and of course, turned down my request for more nuyen. Fine then, I told myself, I will just get it elsewhere. I then went to Star Flower and asked for some money. She told me that the Shadows were a dangerous place to be. Even all the training that she has given me would be put to the test there. She offered to help me with the training, but declined to give me any money. Both of them supported me searching for the truth, but didnt necessarily support me looking around in the shadows for answers. Where the hell else am I supposed to get the money I need. Thats when a party girlfriend of mine linked me up with Legs. He was a creepy dude, but also a bookie and would be able to help. He fronted me a pile of nuyen, set up agreeable terms and set me up with what I needed.

After I got the money I needed, Sabot pointed me where I needed to get a fake SIN and licenses. I certainly did not want to be broadcasting my UCAS SIN when running the shadows. I picked up some other gear, got my Vashon outfitted with what was needed and even upgraded my aviator goggles with some handy upgrades. I chose to go by the name “Duchess”, which was a nickname that was given to me by my dad when I was just a baby. I went back to Sabot and he started to include me on a few lower end runs to get my feet wet on what was to come. As it turns out, my magical abilities, along with my pistol crossbow, were very much useful on these runs. Surprised that I was sticking to this course, Sabot was ready for me to get bigger and better runs. He told me to keep an eye on my commlink for messages from him regarding the next meet. Until then, I guess, its business as usual for me. I still maintain my day job at the Feathered Talon and still maintain a nightlife on the local club circuit, gotta keep those fans satisfied. Which reminds me, I need to get ready for a party down at the Lotus tonight.

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