The Duchess Gets A Mustache …

[Present Day — Baltimore, UCAS — 2075]

So lets get back to the job that I am currently on.  As a recap, we were hired to steal a set of prototype cybereyes from a research facility.  We found a couple of engineers that were working on the project.  The first, we stole the lady’s cat and threatened her into leaving town for awhile.  Hopefully, BetaTest was able to get her some vacation time so she doesn’t lose her job.  I would definitely hate for that to happen.

During the time before the concert, I had to work a few days at the shop working with some foci.  I brought the cat with me so that I can keep an eye on it.  Star Feather gave me a curious look at first, but the cat seemed to like it there.  He would just lay around there, but didn’t seem nervous at all and kinda took over the place within a few hours.  After work, I didnt know if the cat would like it, but I took him to the park and all he did was just lay around and eat the grass.  I am sure that it looked weird to people that I had a cat on a lease, but drek, I have seen people walking pigs around on leashes, so why not a cat?  I stopped and picked up some his favorite food, along with some takeout, on the way home.

But anyways, back to the job.  We decided to go to the concert to see what we can gleam from that guy.  However, BetaTest was able to get more info for us.  Based on that, we planned on stealing a van and the gear from the HVAC contractor and that was going to be our way in.  So on Saturday, we went to the concert.  I tell you what, Electric Hazard turned out a pretty wicked show.  When they started to play Wageslave Ghoul, the crowd lost their fraggin minds!  I spotted our mark and met up with him on his way to the bar.  I tried smoozing him with a little flirting, but he didn’t seem to take the bait.  Times like this remind me just how young I look.  Kind of a bummer really, but Soren was able to get some information from him when he went out to smoke.  We didn’t learn all that much more from the mark, so we decided to proceed with the current plan. I stayed for the rest of the show and closed out the club. Sadly though, I wasn’t able to get to the afterparty.

The work order that BetaTest got has us posing as HVAC repairmen, complete with mustaches … which I didn’t totally understand how that would be included in a work order, but I went along with it anyways.  I didn’t sense any deception or anything and he hasn’t led us astray at all.  The work order was scheduled for midnight on Sunday, so we decided to break into the place around 9.  We needed to grab the necessary gear and steal one of the vans, but we needed to do that and get to the facility before it could be reported as stolen.  BetaTest easily enough made sure Kira, Freecoil and I could get into the place.  We grabbed some jumpsuits, air filtration masks and a box of air filters.  Kira grabbed a set of keys from a locked desk and headed out to get the van. Now that we have our way in, we needed to get to the facility and get in.

We pulled into the maintenance entrance and headed in.  At first the security guard was a little suspicious, and sleepy, of us but I quickly threw together a cover story about there being an office party for Steve’s birthday.  He called for an escort to stay with us through our work.  We already expected this, so we waited.  When he got there, we went into one of the HVAC rooms.  I convinced the guard to wait outside due to possible hazard debris.  There was not a way to get into the basement from here so BetaTest jacked into the system and caused some alarms to go off.   The guard knocked on the door and was a little curious due to the timing of the alarm and us going into the room.  I dont think he accepted my story, since he called in for some assistance.

When the other guard got there, we decided to take a little more drastic action.  The mention of using a grenade in the HVAC system made me think back to my time with Havoc Squad and Uncle Eternal’s love of high ex grenades.  I shook the thought from my head as we decided to drop a smoke grenade down.  It made a little bit more noise than I expected so I told the guard that he was distracting us and that if a tool fell down there, it could ruin the HVAC system.  A few seconds later, smoke started billowing out of the vents.  We said we needed to get to the basement to find out what is causing the issues there.  When a general alarm was raised, due to the smoke, the guard called it off momentarily.

As we were escorted down to the basement, we came to another security checkpoint.  Again, we knew this was here and expected it.  I got the sense that they were doing some scans and was relieved to remember that I did not have any weapons on me.  However, as one of the three guards moves in to detain Kira, I realized that the others on the team did smuggle weapons in.  The jig was up and our cover was blown at this point.  There was one guard in the area with us, another at the entrance and a third in a side area behind glass. Raccoon help us, I whispered to myself, as I got a spell readied.