The Duchess Gets to be a Johnson ….

[San Francisco, CFS — 2074]

I was not expecting a call from Calypso today, but here we are talking for about a half hour about some issues at the Cerebus Club in San Francisco. She wanted to bring me out to assist with the job and be her Johnson. Of course, I would go. Its a club and its Calypso asking. So yeah, booked a ticket and flew out that night. Never doing that again, red-eye flights are the WORST! We went over the missing people from the club and recognized one of them right off the bat. Laura was a bartender there and the two of us hit it off right from the bat. She introduced me to a few new groups and some nova-hot tracks. Most of which are still on my regular playlist. A few of the others are familiar, but all are either from the club or live in the neighborhood.

She set me up with her runner team. A fresh team to the Bay Area that relocated from the Tir. They were called the Havoc Squad. Their decker wouldnt be there since Calypso has him working on another project, but the others should be. She set the meet and all but a few showed up. There was Eternal, which was a scary ass street sam that never took off his mask. He seemed to be the enforcer in the group. There was Bowjack, their rigger. Seemed normal enough at first. Then there was Walker. I recognized the Wolf totem he carried so I knew he was Awakened. Apparently one of them, one called Ajax, met an unfortunate end and his replacement was an Ork named Sledge. We negotiated the pay and they accepted the job, even with the caviat that I would be along as well.

The club had a show that night and the following one, so the team only had a few hours before they needed to get to work. Holy drek, that was a wicked awesome DJ there. His name was DJ Thor Shot and his drek was hot! I also added some of his tracks to my regular playlist. But anyways, they team was going to be providing security for the club and keeping an eye on things. Eternal posted up on a nearby rooftop to keep an eye on the outside. Sledge was watching the door, Bowjack watching the bar and Walker watching Astrally. There was a little commotion as Bowjack and Sledge were hassling one of the patrons. Something about novacoke, but I pulled them both aside and had to tell them to pay attention to the job at hand. I dont think that they were taking me seriously. It seemed all they see is a girl that was dancing on the floor. Well yeah, its a club so of course I was dancing. I set them straight, but I still didnt think that my authority as the Johnson really kicked in. That or they were not used to working with the Johnson.

After a few hours, a few individuals were looking suspicious. I had Walker and Sledge keep an eye on them and Bowjack stay at the bar. Eternal found a drone scouting around outside and took it out. After that, a person started to leave. Walker and I quickly moved to intercept and question him while Bowjack and Sledge remained at the club. Even before I could get out there, the guy was already unconscious with Walker standing over the top of him. He wasnt dead, just out cold. As I looked him over, all of a sudden, Walker grabbed me from behind at my waist and pulled himself over me. “What the frag ???” I thought to myself. Until the hail of bullets sprayed us from another drone. Walker had pulled me away and shielded me from the bullets. I dont think any of them hit, but he won points in my book.

Eternal easily took the drone out before I even knew what was going on. In another instance, he noticed a truck that started to pull down the street we are on, then change course. Bowjack pulled his roadmaster, which he strangely calls his “taco tank” for some reason, over to us. Walker and I put the unconscious guy in the back. By this time, Eternal had already shot out the rear tire, repelled down and was chasing the truck. Yes, he was chasing the truck like a stray dog. I summoned an air spirit to assist him with catching up to the wrecked truck. I also had Bowjack drive us there to assist. Sledge was also on foot running after Eternal.

When we all got there, Eternal and Sledge had the wrecked truck covered. A trio of other shadowrunners were out of the back of the truck. “Great” I thought to myself as Walker and I got out. I had them put down their guns and take a seat as we questioned them. Surprisingly, they did as they were told. One of them, an Awakened woman, kept being mouthy, so I had the air spirit engulf her to keep her and the others in line. Soon enough they were telling us what was going on. They were hired by a Johnson to kidnap people in the area and were paid per head. The only description they had of him was that he was a dwarf. I took their commlinks to have them checked. As a show of professional courtesy, I had them cuffed together, stripped of their gear and had my air spirit carry them to a nearby high rooftop.

So here is what we know. A dwarf hired some shadowrunners to kidnap people and take them to a nearby warehouse. So our next step is to check out these commlinks and scout out the warehouse. Hopefully, these people are still alive, but since no ransom was received … well lets just hope they are ok.