The Duchess Goes to a BTL den …

[Present Day — Baltimore, UCAS — 2075]

So I get this job with a new crew.  Apparently Sabot wants to get a stable team together and I was put on it.   The job was simple enough, to extract the Johnson’s family member from a BTL den.  We met the Johnson at a place called Mother’s in Federal Hill.  The place was quaint enough to make my grandmother puke.  It appeared that I was going to have to do the negotiation since none of the team had any social skills.  I was able to get the team an extra grand for the run, since he wanted it done right away.  But, like I said, it seemed like a simple enough job.

Sabot got us a line on a rigger with a Roadmaster, by the name of Ironclad.  Apparently he seems to like to run his things by remote control since he wasnt actually present.  Fair enough though.  We already know the location of the den so we set up camp nearby and start scouting the place.  All I was able to see when I went astrally was a watcher spirit … which means another mage was probably nearby.  Nothing else really stood out.  Unlike my previous teams, I found that this one was pretty cautious when scouting and planning.

After all the planning was done, we decided to send me in to get on the inside.  For me it was an idea where I could set up a two pronged attack if need be.  It also allowed the team to get additional eyes on the inside.  Not a bad idea for a party girl, if I dont say so myself.  Crap … this just came to me, in hindsight of course, but what if the guards or someone on the inside recognized me from the clubs … Need to keep that in mind in the future.

So we launched our plan and the one called Beta Test shared the view through my goggles with the rest of the team so they can all see what I see.  I walked up to the door and was able to get in easily enough.  Not to mention, I got in for free!  Guess I was the millionth customer or they liked that I was looking to ride a unicorn.  Either way, its a win for me.  When I got in to the den itself, I seen the one we were looking for, Owen. The escort led me to one of the nastiest stained mattresses I have ever seen.  Trying to delay a bit, I decided to go to the bathroom and then slowly made my way back.  Along the way back, I signaled the team that we were good to go.

Beta-Test went ahead and jacked Owen out of the BTL host.  Then the fireworks started.  I hid behind a couch while the rest of the team made their way into the den.  The two guards that were in the den positioned themselves outside the door that the team would be coming in.  I threw a spell at them that made their metal items too hot to handle and made my way over to the scared, confused Owen.  When the door to the den opened and the team came in, Freecoil I think it was.  Unfortunately, he also got hit by my spell as well.  But when the guards gave up and surrendered, I dropped the spell.  Owen and I walked hand in hand out the door and into the waiting Roadmaster.   We made the drop and got paid.  All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful run.

Now I need to wash the nastiness off of me from the den and get some sleep before the club tonight.  There is supposed to be a nova-hot DJ there and I need to get some fun in.

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