The Duchess Meets a Raccoon …

[Baltimore, UCAS]

From what I can remember, Raccoon has always been with me. My earliest memory is shortly after my parents died. Frank, Star Flower and a few other adults were around talking about me and my parents like I wasn’t there. Like I didn’t matter. Like I was insignificant in this fragged up world. I was sitting in this room with all these adults when a furry little trash panda showed up. He skulked around the adults and came to play with me. He chased around the ball I had, curled around me, let me scratch behind his ears and under his chin. He likes that. I felt safe with him. I felt … like I mattered.

There wasn’t much that I remember with the discussions except that it was about my parents. It seemed whenever something important was mentioned, they switched to hushed tones. Again, they looked at me as if I was a by-product of some significant event … but was insignificant still. I looked around and tried to pay attention to what was going on, but Raccoon kept distracting me. Looking back, I can now tell that he was protecting me.

Years later, Star Flower took me under her wings and taught me the ways of being a magician. Frag, I must have been 10 or so then. Started out as basic stuff, but then we started exploring the Astral space around Baltimore. It was here that I started to feel the same fear as I did when I was in the living room as a kid. Fear of the unknown, I would say. While she was teaching me about auras and how to read them, a powerful fire spirit attacked us. I did my best to stay out of the way while Star Flower handled it, but there was little I could do. The spirit landed a direct blow on me. I could feel my body burn with the pain. I closed my eyes was back in the living room again, hearing the adults talk about adult stuff. The same burning pain coursed through my body then as it does now. When I opened my eyes up again, Raccoon stood between the fire spirit and my crumpled body. Star Flower stood next to him, a look of shock at the giant beast spirit that came to my aid. The fire spirit didnt stand a chance.

Afterwards, Star Flower and I had a long discussion about Raccoon. I explained that I have been seeing him ever since my parents died and that he has helped me through the difficult times. It was then that she started teaching me about mentor spirits and how they exist to assist us. She taught me how to accept Raccoon and to ask Raccoon to accept me. I remember thinking that the “quest”, as she called it, was pointless since I already accepted him and he apparently has accepted me.

Star Flower helped me to build a lodge to protect me during my quest. She kept reinterating why I need to make sure that I was protected while projecting or leaving my body. There were some apparently nasty beings out there that would inhabit the bodies of mages while they were unprotected. Once the lodge was completed, I projected into the Astral plane.

Almost immediately, Raccoon was there. We discussed various topics, mostly on how to treat spirits. We mutually understood that magicians, such as myself, needed to respect spirits, ask for thier assistance and thank them when finished. When I respect the spirits, they will be more willing to assist me. However, I didnt no believe in binding them to serve me. I know other mages do it and Raccoon was ok with it, but it seemed barbaric in its “Master – Slave” relationship.

We also discussed me and how I have developed over the years. He took me back to the living room when I was a child. Instantly, the fear and pain came back. I could see myself, as a child, play with Raccoon while everyone else discussed adult topics. Even then, none of the words made sense. When I asked why I was brought back to this place, Raccoon simply sshhhhhed me. “Really, you going to shhh me?” I said. Then the stern look came from the furry creature. Its hard to imagine a scolding look come from a raccoon, but it got the point across. There were … papers??? … being shuffled around. These seemed to be the details of my trust fund and how Frank will be the trustee involved with that. Then there was an old manilla folder and pictures of … the car accident? “Wait a minute …” I thought to myself. The realization of who one of the people in the room was just hit me. He was an investigator of some sort. A single word changed my life forever during that quest. “Murder

After that, Raccoon has been my mentor, friend and sounding board when needed. Shortly after this quest was when I got the note that started my career as a shadowrunner. Still to this day, all I know is that something happened to my parents and it was not an accident. With Raccoon’s help, I WILL find out the truth.