Professional Game Master Services

Hail and Well Met Travelers, I am a GM for hire to run 5e Dungeons and Dragons, plus other roleplaying games. These would be online games using Discord and FoundryVTT. These would be bi-weekly games with 1 to 7 players and generally run 3 to 4 hours per session.

About Me

So a little about me. I have been playing RPGs since the late 80's and GMing for about the last 20 years or so. I have run games using all flavors of DnD, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, 13th Age, Werewolf, Savage Worlds, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc etc. The reason that I now charge for games is that I put ALOT into these games.

Game Style

All of my games are custom sandbox styled games that are long-term and character centric, so each player gets to experience both good and bad consequences for their characters decisions and actions. However, I am open to running published campaigns or one/two shot games, if desired. My table is, and always will be, free of discrimination and is LGBTQ+ friendly. New players are always welcome as well.

Game Systems

I have also created the World of Imrallon for the Dungeons and Dragons 5e system. Imrallon is a world that is based on ancient Greco-Roman society, with a little Arthurian mythos and traditional high fantasy mixed in. You can learn more about the world here.

Holiday Hiatus

I do take a break from all games during the holidays to spend time with my family and recharge. Generally, this begins in December and last through New Years Day. Advanced notice will be given on when the exact dates will occur. During this time, of course, payments will not be expected and sessions will not be played. However, I will still remain available, if needed, through the Discord server.

Recording Consent

While I do not stream my games, I do record them for personal use and review. These will not be posted anywhere unless all those involved agree and will be deleted once transcribed.

Session 0

I hold a 'Session 0' when there is enough players for the campaign, which is free of charge. During this session, we will review the following details.
  1. Start Date
  2. GM Manifesto
  3. What type of Campaign to play. Specifics of theme, local, etc, etc.
  4. Some discussion on characters and their histories (ie: do they know each other, no knowledge of them, siblings/family members, etc)
  5. Experience Point award system (System Dependant)
  6. Any other campaign specific details that need to be decided/discussed.


What will be expected from the players:

What will I will provide:

PLEASE NOTE: As a player, you will be required to register an account on my site. Only registered users will be able to interact with the site features. Invites will be created using Google Calendar and sent to the email address used.

Payment Details

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me.