New Character Questionnaire -- Shadowrun

This information is meant for the player and GM only. Whenever there is a new character introduced, this will need to be completed. Please copy/paste the questionnaire and email it to me before the first actual session. These are questions that are to get both of us connected with your character, so the more that you have, the more I have to work with.

  1. What was it like for your character growing up?

  2. Describe your character's family. Do you still have any contact with them?

  3. Does your character have any romantic entanglements?

  4. Why does your character run the shadows?

  5. What did your character do prior to becoming a Shadowrunner?

  6. What does your character do for fun when she isn't shadowrunning?

  7. What does your character think of the Internet and Technology?

  8. What does your character think of Magic?

  9. What does your character think of other metatypes?

  10. What does your character think of Megacorporations?

  11. What does your character value most?

  12. Name one run that your character would do for free.

  13. Name one job that your character would never do.

  14. In what situation would your character sacrifice it all for a higher cause?

  15. What 3 goals does your character have? (Please ensure that goals are achievable and measurable.)

  16. Name one secret your character has.

  17. Who does she keep this secret from?

  18. And Why?

This information would be in addition to your character's backstory. You can have a brief statement on this questionnaire and then go into more detail in your backstory. This will be made into a Google doc that will be shared with only you. On that doc, additional questions will be asked to further develop the character.