NewsNet – 9.15.2074

< #Local>
Reports are coming in that a strange beast is attacking cargo ships at sea, just outside of the San Francisco harbor. The reports are that a sudden storm hits, then the beast attacks. All the ships involved in the reported attacks have been destroyed. Wuxing and Mærsk state they are investigating the incidents but will not confirm any further details.

Construction on the Horizon Hard Rock Casino, located just south of downtown San Francisco, is being done ahead of schedule. The building is expected to be completed at the beginning of next year, far in advance of the previous approximated completion time. Horizon is planning on having a grand opening celebration that is in the “spirit and history of the Hard Rock Cafe”.

< #World>
There was an explosion at the Denver club, The Weekday Eclipse. They were scheduled to hold a benefit concert for the clubs owner Perianwyr. Recently, Perianwyr was arrested for “illegal bondage of sapient beings” and “treason” by order of Ghostwalker. The Zone Defense Force investigators blame faulty wiring.

Stuffer Shack is releasing a new product line of tacos for its NERPS line. The “soycos” as they will be called. Are completely made of soy, can be made with very little effort and nuyen and even the most disallusioned Stuffer Shack clerk can do it. They will be sold by the dozen for 10 nuyen each!

As previously announced, Ares Macrotechnology is looking to expand further into the midwest region of the UCAS. The number 7 ranked AAA corporation said they have narrowed it down to Kansas City or Omaha and will be making a final decision by the end of the year.

< #Sports>
The trial for baseball superstar, Jackson Pruitt, has been concluded. The jury determined that the player was under magical and/or drug influence at the time of the attack and was acquitted of the charges. However, the league has released a statement that Pruitt will not be coming back to baseball for failing to adhere to league regulations regarding cyberwear. A statement from the family was released and they are “Happy a conclusion has been reached and happy to have Jackson back home, where he belongs.” Prosecutors have yet to release a statement.

The Laes Incident — Behind the Curtain

Are you sure your ready?” The mysterious man asked the wily teenager.
YES!” he gleefully replied.
Okay, then” the man says with a sigh. “The agreement is in place then. Certain … disreputable people will be given to you for your cause. In return, you leave my town alone.
The teenager shakes his head.
I swear kid, if you frag with me on this, I will gut you like a trout.
The agreement is solid. I will not hunt in your town and you will provide me with the bodies that I need. But you know that you will need to boost the ‘tourism’ to attract more people.” the young teenager said.
That is none of your concern.” he says with a wave of his hand. “I have a few things in play currently tat will bring in enough for you.
Excellent!” he exclaims and heads to leave the room.
I swear to god kid, if you frag with any townfolk, I will squash you like the little cockroach you worship.
The kid stops and pivots on his heal to face the man. “Beetles, you impudent bastard. It is beetles, not cockroaches. Remember that!


The mysterious man looks at the four ‘shadowrunners’ he has in front of him. He has heard rumors, and of course, watch the trids about these guys. But they are from out of town and that is what he wanted. He only needed to get more … There was this ‘Havoc’ team operating out of the bay area. Street cred is pretty solid on these guys.

So what I need from you guys is an extraction job. The time and place is still unknown, however, you will have atleast a few hours of advanced notice. Once I get the intel on when the targets are arriving and where, then I will pass that onto you. I am willing to pay 20k to each of you for this.

The group look and appear to be discussing amongst themselves. A few minutes later, a pretty elf steps forward. “You know, Mr Johnson, these types of jobs require a little more time to perform legwork and develop a plan. I dont …” Her voice trails off momentarily. She shakes her head. “Yes, that is agreeable with us. You got a deal!

Excellent” The Johnson says. “One other detail, I will be going along for the ride on this one as well.
Very well” she responds. “We will await your message then.
The mysterious man smiles and gestures the team out of the door. “Now to get Havoc ….


Calypso gets a call on her commlink. “Hrm …” she says as she doesn’t recognize the number. “Yes dear, how can I help you today?

I am in need of some disposable assets and hear your the woman to talk to.” The voice comes through the commlink.

Why yes, I have been known to come across a few. What kind of job you need?

Well, I am not entirely sure yet. Basically, there are some unsavory elements here and I need people from the outside to assist. I don’t know how deep this goes.” He responds.

The mysterious man and Calypso discuss various things regarding a job. Everything seems to check out.
Yes, I can have one of my teams assist you.

Actually, word on the street is that there is a team there named … Havoc or something like that.” He quickly interjects. “I want them.

Well … I don’t know of their availability, but I can put in a word and see if they are interested in some traveling.
Excellent. Thank you for your time.
The call disconnects.
Calypso then reaches out to the team with the details on a Matrix meet.


The mysterious man smiles when he gets the message that Havoc will meet with him for the job. Its a shame that it has to be over the Matrix and not in person. Either way, he is going to get what he needs. He joins the Matrix meeting and finds Havoc waiting for him.

Mr Johnson: “You and your team are needed for a job. Its in Omaha and you are needed urgently. Your teams street cred has reached us all the way here and we need an outside force to assist us with our … situation.

Walker: “What kind of situation is it and why us?

Mr Johnson: “The kind of situation that requires Havoc. We need to have some … unsavory people eliminated. We are prepared to pay you 12k each along with fronting any fuel costs that you need.

Walker: “Ok, our team is ready to accept your job offer with the fuel costs paid up front and 18k paid upon arrival for the job.

Mr Johnson: “Excellent, here are the coordinates on where we will meet. Its an airstrip just outside of Omaha in Shenandoah. Once you land there, meet us in Room 302 of the nearby Bodega Inn Motel. Just message me when you land.

Walker: “Ok, we will arrive there in a few days and message you once we land.

Mr Johnson: “Its a pleasure doing business with y’all.

The mysterious man sends a message to the other runner team. “Targets will arrive in roughly a couple of hours and the extraction point is Bodega Inn Motel, Room 302. Be ready

He gets a response back. “We are ready.

The smile on the mysterious man’s face widens as his plan is coming into fruition. Soon he will have all the bodies that the pesky insect mage will need. “I don’t see why I just don’t wipe the pest off the face of the planet.” he says to himself. “Fraggin little cockroach.

He reaches into the cabinet and pulls out some vials. “Yes, the elves did do something right coming up with this drek.

The shadowrunners and the mysterious man gather to make the run on Havoc. Before they enter, he shifts into a more powerful form … what he considers his ‘true’ form. The scales form on his skin as his horns begin to protrude from his head. It was sometimes a painful process, but he has gotten used to it over the years. The other runners with him start to gasp, but a simple spell eases them. They waited as the members of Havoc walked by and entered into the room.

We got to make this quiet. I dont want to raise suspicion in my town.” He says.

I got that covered” says the pretty elf subvocally.

Focus on the pokey one first, I will handle the mages.

Mag..” the elf was about to say, but the commotion started before the word could get out.

She goes into casting the spell and the team kick in the door. The occupants were caught offgaurd … slightly. The decker and the man with orange eyes seem to jump into action. The cat eared and one that had the quills were surprised. The man with orange eyes immediately opened with a powerful spell, but the mysterious man was ready for him. He reflected the spell back at him. The lightning bolt struck the orange eyed man with full force and he went down. The runners focused their gunfire on the one with quills. The barrage of stick n shock both hit and missed him. The quilled one went into a rage and charged at them with a flaming sword in hand, but the protection spell from the elf stopped him in his tracks. The fight was fast and furious, but within seconds, the quilled one was fell down twitching. The cat eared one and decker were next and quickly fell to the barrage of bullets and spells. The hit was quick, quiet, and efficient. At the end, the mysterious man shot each of them with a dart of laes.

Grab them and get them out to the truck.” He ordered. “But first …” He hesitates a bit. “Just in case.” He goes through the motions of casting a spell. The spell takes some time on each of them as the mysterious man prodded each member, then crafted a new memory to mask what had actually happened.

There, just in case the little drekhead frags something up.” He said to himself.

The shadowrunners gathered up the bodies of Havoc Squad and loaded them into the waiting truck. The mysterious man drove them to a field where they met with a strange teenage. The two of them talked away from the truck for a bit. He motioned to the runners to bring the bodies of Havoc to them.

Excellent!” the teenager exclaimed as he looked over the bodies … and the runners. “All of these will do perfectly.

What about our payment?” The elf asks the mysterious man.

Ahh yes, your payment will be serving a greater power.” He said with a chuckle.

Before the runners could react, the beetle spirits manifested and tore into them.

Looking upon the destruction, the mysterious man remarked “Didnt even bring your guns out. tsk tsk tsk rookie mistake.

The bodies of both the runners and Havoc Squad were taken down into the hole. The mysterious man gets back into the truck and leaves.

Session 34 — Showdown on Main Street …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Acorn
  • Tatters
  • RedShirt

The team meets up again, with Acorn, at the luxury hotel room and plan their next move. They know that the roads lead to the mayor, but its not enough to convince Tatters that he is the one behind all this. It was decided that they will set up an appointment with the mayor under the guise of wanting to purchase a parcel of land that is owned by the mayor. In particular, the parcel of land that the team encountered the bug shaman on. The idea being that if the mention the land or interest in the land, if the mayor would somehow get spooked into making a mistake.

Walker contacts City Hall and schedules a lunch meeting with the mayor for the following Tuesday at 11:30am. With a couple of days to kill, the team spends a weekend enjoying the ammenities of the posh hotel.

They arrive at the lunch meeting on time. Eternal and Acorn waited in the car while Walker, Tatters and RedShirt went to the appointment. Walker and Tatters were unarmed, but RedShirt had her machine pistol. The guise was that she was thier bodyguard. They went up to the mayor’s office on the 4th floor. When they stepped out of the elevator, a pair of armed and armored security guards checked them before they entered the office.

Once in, they started discussing the property in question. Walker and Tatters continued thier cover story that they were representatives of a corp employers that has expressed interest in developing the parcel of land. The mayor did have the land surveyed for development already and offered to provide this report. The pair didnt sense that the mayor really had anything to do with the bug spirit, so they closed the meeting and left. An hour later the paperwork was received.

The initial review of the paperwork didnt reveal any direct ties to the shaman or the drake, but after closer inspection, they found that the property was also owned by another party. Tatters did some matrix checking and the other party was the mayor’s brother, who was also the manager of the Bodega Inn Motel.

Now things were starting to come into focus. Walker did some direct Astral scouting of the motel and found the manager there, with a couple of other mundane individuals. The team geared up and made their way to the motel, ready for a showdown. However, it seems that Walker was caught when he was scouting and the drake quickly set up a trap for them. It was time to end the shadowrunners.

As the rental car came up, a grenade rolled out and disabled the car. The pair of gunmen waited while the team regained their senses and started to move into battle position. However, it became difficult as the area around the wrecked car was encased in a sheet of slippery ice. Once they stepped out, they fell on their ass and the gunmen started picking thier shots. Then the drake stepped out into view. Walker exchanged spells with it as it continued to harrass the party with mind magic, convincing both RedShirt and Eternal that thier mage was against them. So Walker had to watch out for both the Drake and his entourage AND his own loose cannon in Eternal. RedShirt didnt have a clean shot at Walker, but did have one on Acorn and shot her. After a few moments, they pair were able to shake the spell before any further damage could be done.

Tatters, having already brought the VTOL nearby, called his drones in to provide fire support. However, after a few more spells from Walker, the drake and company were defeated. These spells were more than normal spells for Walker, he had to put more of himself than normal in them to defeat the drake. Pieces of himself that will take time to regain. Eternal, feeling the pull of the obsidian dagger, walked up and started to cut the head off the drake. The spray of blood and gore on him and the dagger seemed to consume Eternal and please the dagger. Walker was also able to gather up a couple of foci that the drake mage had on him.

Now that the fight was over with, the town police force was on their way and the sirens are blaring. The team “commandeer” a nearby vehicle and drive to the awaiting Archangel. The load up and flee without any further incident. Now the mind mage and his presumed accomplice, the bug shaman, have been defeated. But there was a cost to this. Not only the cost that Walker had to pay for the spells to defeat the drake or the cost for Eternal and his blood bathing, but a cost for Havoc squad. The team was pushed to the limits and is now in disarray and unaligned. How will this affect the future of the team?


Session 33 — The Chase is On …

Cast of Characters

  • Eternal
  • Walker
  • Tatters
  • RedShirt

The team spends the night in the posh luxury hotel in Omaha while they plan their next move. It was decided that they would drive into town to investigate, instead of using the VTOL. They get the concierge to get them a rental and head back to Shenandoah. On the way, both Walker and Tatters hears back from their contacts. Walker lets the rest of the team know that a fixer friend of Calypso’s, by the name of Tex, operates out of the Omaha area. He contacts him and finds out that he had a runner team that was sent to the little airstrip outside of Shenandoah for an extraction. As memory served, one of the runners was with them in the tunnel. A young elf woman was rescued as well. They decide that they neede to find this elf woman. Couldnt be too hard in a small town like this.

They start at the Bodega Inn Motel, where they were extracted from. Walker questioned the motel manager again, but no further information was gathered from him. As they headed out to the street, Tatters first notices a pair of armed and armored individuals getting into a black SUV. As the vehicle started to leave, he gets a mark on it to track it. However, Eternal had another idea. He pulled out Eileen and fired a tracer round at the moving vehicle. Unfortunately, it missed and hit the dirt. Hearing the shot, the security team turned wireless off and fled the scene.

The team hopped into the rental car and sped after it. The SUV went around a turn and as the rented Americar rounded the same corner, the SUV was no longer in sight. It went onto a busy street right in front of a parking garage. The parking garage was in between a trid theatre and City Hall. The on ramp to the garage was protected by a gate and a pair of guards.

Eternal and RedShirt, with the cover of Walker’s invisibility spell, infiltrate the parking garage and find the SUV in the lower parking deck. RedShirt tags them each with a stealth tag and head to the elevator. Tatters easily hacks the elevator to allow it to be used to go to the unmarked lower level. However, RedShirt has other ideas. Feeding on the urges from the the dagger, along with the influence of RedShirt, Eternal goes along with the insane plan. His plan was to eliminate the parking garage guards.

The pair approach the unaware guards and hit them with their tasers. However, the guards were tougher than they appeared. The guards were able to escape and fleed towards City Hall, screaming for help in the crowded streets. Eternal and RedShirt head back to the Americar and Tatters pulled away. As he was pulling out, a Sheriff patrol car drove by. The Sheriff that was driving the patrol car locked eyes with Tatters, but continued onto City Hall. Tatters drove the rental car back to Omaha for the night and to let things cool down in town.

The next day they head back to Shenandoah. This time they went for City Hall and the mayor, Dennis Hinkle. Tatters hacked into the host, very easily, and survey the floors. In the sub-basement, where they wanted to focus a search on, they find that its storage and files. An Astral search revealed no magical auras, spirits, Awakened, or barriers/wards. It seems that the City Hall was a dead end. The next step was to scout the personal residence of the mayor. It was the middle of the day and midweek, so it should be pretty empty. They pulled into a nearby trailhead and popped back into the Matrix and Astral. However, the search turned up very little. Tatters was able to pull some financial data off the mayor’s terminal, but that was about it. Facing another dead end, the team heads back to the hotel in Omaha.

The team was convinced that the Mayor has something to do with their extraction attempt, but no real proof of it. The next step was to shadow the Sheriff around and find out what information he knows. Tatters spent a few days tailing him and found him in a bar at the end of the week. With Eternal, RedShirt and Walker nearby, the decker pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered a passible glass of whiskey. He eventually slid over and made small talk with the sheriff. The talk revealed some information, including the discovery of a dead female elf just outside of town. His cover was that he was in town about possible real estate dealings. After finding out the sheriff knew of a few parcels of land and some hunting cabins, Tatters inquired about the parcel of land where the insect shaman had them. It was then they learned that the mayor owned that particular spot, including several other parcels and a hunting cabin. This information was confirmed with the financial information from his terminal. Armed with this information, they scout out the empty hunting cabin and head back to the hotel for more planning. The mayor is now their lead suspect.