A Pleasant Surprise

So getting a little personal with this post. I, just like everyone else, have a past. I have two children from previous relationships and two with my wife. Recently, I have been contacted by one of them. She is now in her 20s and wanted to get to know me. When she was born, I was told that she wasnt mine and was kept out of her life for years. When she was around 7 years old, I received a request for paternity. This, of course, I complied with and it turned out she was mine. I made multiple attempts to get to know her, but these were all blocked by her mom. Eventually, when she was a teenager, I was able to speak to her on the phone a few times, but then that too was cut off as her mom said that she didnt want to talk to me anymore. I accepted this and didnt push (which I should have), but respected the decision as is.

Flash forward some years later and I get a Facebook message from her. She was an adult now and wanted to get to know me. Its been awkward, of course, but over the past few months we have been talking regularly and starting to build a relationship. Not a father – daughter relationship, she already has that, but just a relationship. From the sound of it, she is doing really good for herself and she should be proud of that. In fact, I think I surprised her when I told her Happy Birthday for the first time. I dont think she was expecting that I knew when it was.

So another flash forward to today. I said that I had two children from previous relationships. The moms of the girls were friends back in the day and the girls know each other and are only a few months apart in age. (Yes, I was a dog back then). I am not sure if they have had a relationship this whole time, but now she wants to get to know me as well. I have always known that they two of them were told stories about me that were always true or were one sided. Now that the two are adults, they want to know my side of what happened 20+ years ago.

So in the end, I might actually get to have some sort of relationship with these girls that their mothers fought so hard to keep from happening. I have always held out hope that this would happen and now it seems to be. I am cautious, however, since in the past her mom would pretend to be her just to mess with me. I dont believe this is the case currently, but its still in the back of my mind.