The USS Constitution Project and Shadowrun

So my wife got me this model for my birthday last year and it has sat in my closet since then.  I brought it down over my vacation over the summer to start putting together and, since I have a blog problem, I created a blog for it.  I only started in on the project and knew full well that it would take many months to complete.  I have linked to the project to the right.

Speaking of my blog problem … I started up a 5th Edition Shadowrun game with some friends at work.  It was decided that it would be set in 2075 Detroit.  Of course, I have linked to the campaign blog and my other game/character blogs to the right.

The Grand Unification of Tacos

After much discussion in the office, I decided to push this out publicly. So here it goes.


Yes, thats right. Its a taco. Take the traditional taco, for example. It’s nothing more than toppings placed on a torilla that is folded in half. So if you take that premise and apply it to other dishes, this is what you get.

  • Burrito — A rolled up taco
  • Nachos — Bite sized tacos
  • Tostada — A flat taco
  • Enchilada — A wet taco
  • Tortilla Wraps — See Burrito

So there you have it. If its made with a tortilla, its a TACO.

A Pleasant Surprise

So getting a little personal with this post. I, just like everyone else, have a past. I have two children from previous relationships and two with my wife. Recently, I have been contacted by one of them. She is now in her 20s and wanted to get to know me. When she was born, I was told that she wasnt mine and was kept out of her life for years. When she was around 7 years old, I received a request for paternity. This, of course, I complied with and it turned out she was mine. I made multiple attempts to get to know her, but these were all blocked by her mom. Eventually, when she was a teenager, I was able to speak to her on the phone a few times, but then that too was cut off as her mom said that she didnt want to talk to me anymore. I accepted this and didnt push (which I should have), but respected the decision as is.

Flash forward some years later and I get a Facebook message from her. She was an adult now and wanted to get to know me. Its been awkward, of course, but over the past few months we have been talking regularly and starting to build a relationship. Not a father – daughter relationship, she already has that, but just a relationship. From the sound of it, she is doing really good for herself and she should be proud of that. In fact, I think I surprised her when I told her Happy Birthday for the first time. I dont think she was expecting that I knew when it was.

So another flash forward to today. I said that I had two children from previous relationships. The moms of the girls were friends back in the day and the girls know each other and are only a few months apart in age. (Yes, I was a dog back then). I am not sure if they have had a relationship this whole time, but now she wants to get to know me as well. I have always known that they two of them were told stories about me that were always true or were one sided. Now that the two are adults, they want to know my side of what happened 20+ years ago.

So in the end, I might actually get to have some sort of relationship with these girls that their mothers fought so hard to keep from happening. I have always held out hope that this would happen and now it seems to be. I am cautious, however, since in the past her mom would pretend to be her just to mess with me. I dont believe this is the case currently, but its still in the back of my mind.


Recent Updates

There have been a few recent updates to my blog that I wanted to point out.

First, I have added links to my campaigns for Shadowrun and Star Wars games. I recently started a Star Wars campaign using FFG Edge of the Empire. It is a character driven campaign set around a young bounty hunter named Nova. She has recruited some help for a particularly large bounty and the campaign site is for their exploits. This campaign has also inspired me to build a random generator for bounties. The generator is built in javascript and generates a good amount of information. There is stil some work to be done though.

Second, I am taking an extended hiatus from the Havoc Squad Shadowrun campaign. I have been running it for about a year and a half and need to take a break to recharge my batteries. While the campaign is on hiatus, one of my players is going to run a new campaign that is set in Berlin, AGS. I am playing a technomancer that … has personal issues with her ex and is in extreme debt. So far, the campaign is looking to be alot of fun. I have created blogs (yes, I have a blog issue) for both the Berlin campaign and for Raven. When we return to Havoc Squad, my character Duchess will be relocating from Baltimore to San Francisco and will be a regular NPC / occasional PC for the team.

Third, I have been redesigning the blog (again, blog issues here) for the Imrallon Project. This is a gaming world, using Pathfinder mechanics, that I am designing from mostly scratch. The blog redesign is to make it more like a wiki than a standard blog. The project, at this point, is mostly just building out the pantheon and how they came to be. I am taking the stance that the deities, whom are also the Greek gods, have different stories. Yes, they are still the offspring of primordials, but they started out as mortals. They rebelled against their parents and, in return, were granted deity status.

Fourth, I started writing stories again. These are short stories, likely related to another one of my projects, and not too long in length for now. Soon I plan on writing some poetry again, or atleast previously written poetry if I can find them, and will be posting those as well.

Links to these other projects and blogs can be found on the right hand side of this page.


A New Year – 2018

So the holidays went good. Between work and family stuff, its was just as stressful as every other year, but still a good one. Nobody passed away and no medical emergencies, so all in all, it was good. The new year has had a very good start so far!

I took some time off of my Shadowrun game to start exploring more creative writing and building on my Imrallon gaming world. Made some great progress on both of those and may get some of it up on here. Now that the holidays are over, we have gotten back into playing the Shadowrun game. We went from playing weekly to bi-weekly to have more flexibility. I also decided to pick up a Star Wars game. After binging the Clone Wars series and a few of the movies, I got the bug to run a game. Things are off to a rocky start so far, but its just getting started so its expected.

We also decided on a big goal and that is to buy a house this year. Everything that we do will be be leading up to that. The goal is sometime after this summer.

Welp, thats about it for an update. Stay tuned for more!


Thanksgiving — 2017

So the holiday season is in full swing now. I put my projects for LEN Designs on hold for the rest of the year. Work at my real job is slow this time of year, so it gives me the opportunity to spend time with the family and work on other hobbies. Even able to get a little video game time or binge watching in as well! I had to work on Thanksgiving, but was able to work from home and had the day after off. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where I volunteer to work in order to get Christmas off. My job requires that somebody be available 24/7, including holidays, so I tend to trade one for the other. The good thing is that when I work from home, I get to smell the turkey roasting all day!

This year was the same as previous years. We had the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, my wife’s grandmother’s stuffing, green beans and pie. We decided to try out pecan pie this year. Neither of us had it before and we found one on sale, so figured why not. While the pie was great, it was really sweet and rich. Due to this, we could only eat it in small portions.

The day after Thanksgiving, we would normally break out the Christmas stuff and start decorating. We never really did anything regarding Black Friday. Our time is much more valuable than spending hours outside of a store. Besides, the fact that stores have now started opening on Thanksgiving night for these sales just piss me off even more. While I am lucky enough to not be in retail and have the ability to work from home, the people that work at the stores and have to deal with the madness are not able to. Most of the time they get stuck having to leave their family dinners to work. This is not something that I support, so I do not partake in it.

Sadly, we have not put up the Christmas tree … yet. We have put up some lights and a few decorations, but we havent been much in the holiday spirit this year. We should have the tree up soon though, likely this weekend sometime.

Anyways, more to come as things develop!


History of Lord Egg Nutz


I get asked a lot how I came to be “Lord Egg Nutz.” Well, it all started when I was a young warthog …. Yes this would be another story …. I was out camping with my mom and stepdad and various other people in a long forgotten campsite. I was dared to eat a raw egg right out of the shell. Just crack open over my mouth and swallow. Well, I couldn’t let a dare go unmet, so I accepted the challenge. Before I went through with it, some money was put down on whether or not I would be able to do this. My stepdad started it off with a cool $10, which back then was huge for a kid, but others started putting dollars down on the table. Even neighboring campers got in on the action. By the end of the bidding, there was around $70 down on whether or not I could swallow an egg.
Truth be told, I hated eggs. I did not like eating them cooked, let alone fresh-out-of-the-shell raw. But still, a dare was made and accepted. With alot of money on the line, I stepped up to the plate, grabbed an egg and looked at it for what seemed to be hours. In my mind, at that moment, I pictured myself the master of the egg; the “Lord of the Egg.” I took a deep breath, cracked a small crack in the egg and held it over my mouth. I opened the egg and let the contents in. The instant the egg yolk hit the back of my throat, it was out again. I spit out the egg faster than it came in. I flew out of my mouth, through the air and right into my stepdad’s cup of coffee. However, that is not where it stopped. Afterwards, the gut wrenching began. I threw up my breakfast and was was left of the night before’s dinner. I could see my stepdad laughing his ass off and counting up the money on the table while I hurled. Around me I could see a few of the other people that have gathered to see the bet throwing up as well. All in all, from what I was told, there were a total of 5 people throwing up that morning. It was completely nuts that lost that money and made a group of people watching start throwing up.
After that event, I dubbed myself Lord Egg Nutz. On a personal note, I was able to conquer the egg and swallow a raw egg whole when I was a teenager.