Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt


Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt

  • Alignment: CG
  • Favored Weapon: Bow, Pike
  • Favored Animal: Boar, Bear, Deer
  • Symbol: Moon bathed bow and arrow
  • Portfolio: Goddess of the moon, archery, hunting, childbirth, and virginity
  • Domains: Animal, Chaos, Liberation, Moon, Passion, Planning, Pride
  • Favored Race: Elves
  • Description: Goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery, the moon, and all animals. Symbols include the moon, deer, hound, she-bear, boar, cypress tree, and bow and arrow. Daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo.

Artemis and her twin brother, Apollo, were both born from Leto and Zeus. Leto, fearing the wrath of Hera, gave birth to the twins on the back of an enormous turtle. She was born first and then assisted in the birth of her twin brother Apollo as her mother’s midwife.

As a young child, Artemis frequently caught the wrath of his stepmother, Hera. After she was beat by her, the young child would climb into Zeus’s lap and weep. As she got older, the thrashings would subside and Artemis would amuse herself with archery. She befriended the ancient elves of the mountains and forests during her escapades and shared her knowledge with them. To this day, the elves are some of the greatest archers in the land and they have Artemis to thank for this.

She was gifted with a golden bow that was crafted by Hephestus.

Artemis made an oath to always remain a virgin when she was a child. However, may had interests in her. Only her hunting companion and commander in her army, Orion, won her heart. She led an army of elves during the Titan Wars and fought along side her father’s army. Sadly, Orion was slain by the Titan Selene. Enraged at the killing of her love, Artemis joined with Apollo’s army of elves. The twins engaged Selene and Helios. Artemis killed Selene with an arrow, crafted by Hephestus and forged from her tears.

After the Titan Wars, Artemis was bestowed with the portfolio of The Moon, Archery and Virginity. Even to this day, Artemis remains true to her oath to remain a virgin. She keeps a contingent of warriors, which she calls her Companions, that are loyal to her and have pledged to protect her with their lives.

Her followers are, of course Elves, but virgins, midwives and hunters as well.

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