Athena – Goddess of Wisdom


athenaAthena – Goddess of Wisdom

  • Alignment: LG
  • Favored Weapon: Spear
  • Favored Animal: Owl
  • Symbol: Owl perched on an olive branch
  • Portfolio: Goddess of wisdom, reason, handiwork, and strategy in battle
  • Domains: Balance, Knowledge, Law, Meditation, Mentalism, Mind, Planning, War
  • Favored Race: None
  • Description: Goddess of wisdom, reason, intelligent activity, literature, handicrafts and science, defense and strategic warfare. Symbols include the owl and the olive tree. Daughter of Zeus and the Oceanid Metis, she rose from her father’s head fully grown and in full battle armor after he swallowed her mother.

Born of Zeus and Metis, Athena was born in the halls of a monastery on the shores of the sea. Unfortunately, Metis was killed during childbirth. Athena remained in the monastery and learned with the monks. The monks accepted her as one of their own and taught her the knowledge that was kept within the walls. She learned the basics of knowledge and wisdom, along with basic tactics and warfare. When she came of age, Athena was gifted with the Heart of Metis. With the heart of her mother in Athena’s possession, she was now able to realize the full potential of her heritage. She absorbed the wisdom that her mother possessed and gained access to her innate dragon form. After many decades of training, she was able to control her new abilities and tap into her newfound knowledge. She willing shared this wisdom with the other monks and recorded it in tombs that were kept deep within the monastery’s librium.

Athena joined her father’s army, reluctantly, and brought along her 10,000 Fists. She fought along side Zeus and was crucial in the planning of the Battle of Ithytos, which led to the death of the Titans Themis and Theia. Unfortunately, the battle also claimed scores of her monks. Athena mourned their deaths for 6 months before rejoining the war. However, there were only a few skirmishes that remained before Zeus, Poseidon and Hades slew Cronus and ended the Titan Wars.

After the war was over, Athena returned to her monastery to teach and has set up many many more across the lands. The remaining members of the 10,000 Fists dispersed and took up leadership positions at these monasteries.

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