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Fauna and Flora

The world of Imrallon is full of a myriad of plants and animals. The particular kind within any region is based primarily on its climate. Desert areas have different species than … say, the tundra, or the jungles. The Northern Realms and the Southern Kingdoms may have similar climates, but they are likely to have differing species. The fact of the matter is that the world is huge and there are many lands that remain unexplored. Even the most knowledgeable of sage and druid cannot claim to know all that lives in this world.

Trees, Shrubs and other plantlife.

Just like any other plane or world, Imrallon has its fair share of the standard hard and soft woods. Forests of oak, ash, maple, spruce and pines cover the forested lands. Listed below are a few that are unique to Imrallon.

    Animals, Both Wild and Domesticated

    Travel, especially long range, is dependant on strong, sturdy and reliable beasts of burden. Horses, mules and oxen are plentiful in nearly all climates. Cities everywhere have these for sale, along with herds of wild ones outside of town. In some of the more harsh climates, these creatures tend to be replaced with ones that are more climate friendly. Say, for instance, the desert does have horses, but locals tend to use camels or donkeys. Some of the more specialized beasts of burden are creatures like riding lizards, griphons and pegasi.
    The more simpler creatures of the world are the ones that folk tend to care more about. Creatures that can harm them, such as wolves, poisonous snakes and bears; creatures that they hunt, such as foxes, rabbits and deer; Creatures of the water, such as river fish, whales and various other seafood. These are the ones that make the world turn. Just as with the beasts of burden, the lesser creatures of the world are dependant on the climate and can vary drastically from region to region. Listed below are a few special animals that are unique to Imrallon.

    Monstrous Beasts

    Like any of the dozens of the other worlds, Imrallon is inhabited by scores of dangerous, scary, monstrous creatures. From the lowly dire rat to the great and powerful dragons. While these creatures may essentially look alike and have the same name on two different worlds, but possess different abilities. Listed below are some monstrous creatures that are unique to Imrallon.