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Imrallon’s Pantheon

Greater Pantheon

The Greater Pantheon comprises of the First Twelve deities. Of the First Twelve, Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and Hades, were direct descendants of the Titans. The rest of them are their offspring. During the Titan Wars, the First Twelve were Generals and leaders that were led by Zeus. The Titan Wars lasted for centuries and was finished when the combined forces of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades slew their father, Cronos. The death of Cronos unleashed divine power that was absorbed by Zeus, who the others named as their King. With this power, Zeus declared the First Twelve and distributed the portfolios that were absorbed. They continued to rule their specific domains and created more deities. These are members of the Lesser Pantheon as they do not have the same power as the First Twelve.


Lesser Pantheon

The Lesser Pantheon are descendants of the First Twelve, but also consist of those that have earned the God’s favor and blessings. These individuals were blessed with divinity and given a portfolio.


The Titans were beings that were offspring of Primordials and birthed the deities. Much like Primordials, Titans don’t get their divinity from followers. They too get it from just existing. Most of the Titans were killed during the Titan Wars, but those that were captured were imprisoned. Other Titans, such as Hades and Prometheus, were given divinity and became part of the Pantheon due as gifts from Zeus.


Primordials are ancient beings that have been present far before any of the Deities or even the Titans. The divinity for Primordials are not earned by followers, of which they have very few, but they get it from their very existence.  A few of the Primordials did take part in the Titan Wars and fought for both sides, while some stayed clear of the conflict.


Demigods are beings that have a shard of divinity.  Enough to be more powerful than mortals, but not enough to be true deities.  However, their divinity can be increased.  If a Demigod gathers enough followers, they can ascend to the Lesser Pantheon.