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Adventures and Modules

Below are various adventures and modules that can be placed in any Imrallon campaign. The size of the world permits hundreds of adventures and modules. These are being developed and will be posted as they get completed.

Adventure Campaigns

Adventure Campaigns and Adventure Paths are different due to their style of play. Adventure Campaigns are custom-made campaigns that are played out in real life. They are designed and tailored specifically for the players and characters. Each campaign that is run has its own blog dedicated to it, which details out the events that occur. Once these are completed, then they may be packaged as an adventure path.

The Millport campaign is set in the small town of Millport in the Kingdom of Azmarin.

The Millport Chronicles

Argonis is a newly discovered island that was masked in a magical, invisible shield. This campaign chronicles the discovery and exploration of the island.

Mysteries of Argonis Island

Adventure Paths

As mentioned above, Adventure Paths are complete pre-packaged campaigns. Everything that is needed to run the campaign will be provided.

No Adventure Paths Available Currently

    Adventure Modules

    Adventure Modules are different that the above to as they can be run separate of any campaign, including one shots. They are designed to be encounters that are particular to a specific local.

    No Adventure Modules Available Currently