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Apollo – God of Light and Prophecy

Apollo – God of Light and Prophecy

  • Alignment: Neutral Good (NG)
  • Favored Weapon: Longbow
  • Favored Animal: Wolf, Raven, Lizard
  • Symbol: Sun bathed lyre
  • Portfolio: God of the sun, archery, athleticism, prophecy, the arts, and good health
  • Domains: Knowledge, Life, Light
  • Description: Apollo rarely appeared as an animal, but when he did, it was generally a raven. His true form is that of a a young male human with a stature that appeared to be chiseled from the purest marble. He wore luxurious white robes and always had his lyre and longbow on him. His dragon form is that of a great silver dragon with a blue shade to his scales, an near exact twin of his sister.
  • Followers: Followers of Apollo are the Elves, athletes, philosophers, musicians and poets.

Apollo, and his twin sister Artemis, were both born from Leto and Zeus. Leto, fearing the wrath of Hera, gave birth to the twins on the back of an enormous turtle. Apollo was born second, with the assistance of Artemis, who was his mother’s midwife.

After Apollo was born, Hera sent the dragon Python to kill Leto. However, the young Apollo went to protect his mother. He begged Hephaestus for a bow, like the one he gave to his sister Artemis. Hephaestus finally gave in and crafted him a silver bow. The bow was enchanted, or some would say cursed, with the ability to impart disease and sickness on its arrows. Apollo cornered Python in a cave and slew the dragon. Afterwhich, Apollo received the gift of prophecy.

Apollo had a vision of the death of Orion, companion of his sister Artemis, and joined with her after Orion fell. Together, with their army of elves, launched an assault on the Titans Selene and Helios. Artemis slew Selene at the same time Apollo killed Helios.

When the Titan Wars were over, Apollo received the portfolio of Prophecy, The Sun, Athleticism and The Arts. The messenger of the gods, Hermes, also gifted him with a special Lyre that was crafted from a tortoise shell. The lyre was a gift to remind Apollo of his roots. Since then, he has gathered quite a following of musicians and poets. As with the other gods, Apollo had a great number of lovers that bore multiple children. This includes taking many of the Muses as lovers.