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Heart of Metis

The Heart of Metis looks like a pulsating heart made of blue obsidian. When the Oceanid Metis, consort of Zeus and mother to Athena, was killed during her daughter’s birth, her heart was harvested to be given to Athena when she was ready. Once Athena took possession of the heart, she gained her mother’s wisdom and it allowed her to unlock her inner dragon form.

In order to gain the benefits of the Heart of Metis, you must be a Good aligned spellcaster that is a follower of Athena. Unlike other artifacts, the Heart of Metis can never be found. One must beseech Athena herself. If she finds that the argument for its use is valid, she will give them the heart. If, at any time, the user dies, violates the agreement or the tenets of Athena, the goddess will send an agent to retrieve the artifact.


  • You are immune to contracting any disease you are in possession of the Heart of Metis. If you are already infected with a disease, the effects of the disease are suppressed you while you’re in possession.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to your Intelligence and Wisdom scores.
  • Advantage on all Wisdom and Intelligence checks and Saving Throws.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to your AC while you are in possession of the Heart of Metis.

The Heart of Metis can’t be destroyed by any means other than a wish spell.