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Hephaestus – Master Craftsman, Lord of the Flame and Forge

Hephaestus – Master Craftsman, Lord of the Flame and Forge

  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (LN)
  • Favored Weapon: Axe, Hammer
  • Favored Animal: Fire Elemental
  • Symbol: Hammer and Anvil
  • Portfolio: God of masonry, blacksmithing, and fire and the forge
  • Domains: Forge, Knowledge
  • Description: Hephaestus appears to his followers in his true form as a sturdy dwarf with a lame leg. He wears his blacksmith’s gear and carries a great warhammer. His dragon form is that of a pyroclastic dragon with a body that was heavily muscled and solidly built. His lame leg carried over in this form and his right rear leg is visibly lame. His scales looked like broken obsidian, ash and hot magma.
  • Followers:

Hephaestus was conscripted into the Titan Wars by his parents Zeus and Hera. As a young man, he spent his time in the forges perfecting his trade. Eventually, his knowledge and skill exceeded that of his mentors. The items he crafted were in high demand and became legendary. He was approached by his father and uncles, Poseidon and Hades and tasked with creating weapons for them.

For his father, Zeus, he crafted the Lightning Bolt.

For his uncle, Poseidon, he crafted the Trident.

For his uncle, Hades, he crafted the Helm of Darkness.

After he was completed with these tasks, Zeus asked him to create the weapons for the rest of the armies. This was a monumental task that not even the Lord of the Forge could accomplish alone. Hephaestus secluded himself to his forge at Mount Blackrock. He gathered blocks of granite from the mountain and created the Dwarves.

He imbued his children with the skill and knowledge of the forge. With their help, Hephaestus was able to craft all the weapons, armor and other items for the armies.

After the Titan Wars were over, Hephaestus took his place among the pantheon as the Lord of the Forge. Soon after, Hephaestus was working in his forge when Athena approached him. She wanted him to make some weapons for her. However, Hephaestus was overcome with lust for her. She rebuffed his advances and left the workshop. However, she went to her father, Zeus, and advised of what had occurred. Angered by the incident, Zeus struck down Hephaestus into the sea and stripped his status.

The dwarves that he created rescued him. They pulled him from the sea and into their mountain fortress deep within Mount Blackrock. Now it was Hera‘s turn to be angry for seeing her son cast into the sea. She enlisted the help of Dionysus to help him regain his domain. Hera and Dionysus tricked Zeus into releasing the portfolio, where they immediately bestowed it up Hephaestus again.

Even though he has regained his status, the act of his father left him scarred. His right leg was permanently broken and deformed. He isolated himself with his dwarves. However, he still continued to craft items for the other gods and goddesses, but never again for his father.