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Imrallon Players Guide

Imrallon Players Guide

The world of Imrallon is filled with magic and mystery. Culturally, it is based on ancient GrecoRoman society with a little Arthurian mythos and traditional high fantasy mixed in. With that being said, there are restrictions on certain races and classes for 5e Dungeons and Dragons.

Acceptable Material

Any official published material is acceptable as long as it falls within the scope of the world. The GM reserves the right to deem official content as not acceptable. 3rd party material is subject to GM review and approval.

General Rules

Character Creation Guidelines

Race Selection

  • Any race listed in the Player’s Handbook is allowed, with the exception of Dragonborn.
  • The following races listed in Volo’s Guide to Monsters are allowed
    • Aasimar
    • Tiefling
    • Tabaxi
    • Triton
    • Kenku
  • Other races would be subject to GM review and approval.

Ability Score Generation

  • Roll a series of 4d6 and drop the lowest number to get a score.
  • A series can be scrapped at any point, but once its scrapped, you can not return to it.
  • You may scrap a series only four times. On the fifth series, the scores are final.
  • Once a series is finalized, they can be assigned as desired.
  • Any racial modifiers are applied after the scores are assigned.

Class Selection

  • Any class in the core book is allowed. Due to the nature of this world, spells deemed as ‘healing spells‘ are by the will of the Gods. See ‘Healing Special Rules‘ below for more details.


  • Any alignment is allowed, however, ‘Chaotic Stupid‘ will not be tolerated and actions will have consequences.

Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws

  • Starting characters will follow the standard rules with creation.


Starting characters will be starting off at 1st level and granted the funds based on their starting class, as shown below.

Character Class Starting Funds

Character Class Starting Funds
Barbarian 2d4 x 10gp
Bard 5d4 x 10gp
Cleric 5d4 x 10gp
Druid 2d4 x 10gp
Fighter 5d4 x 10gp
Monk 5d4 x 1gp
Paladin 5d4 x 10gp
Ranger 5d4 x 10gp
Rogue 4d4 x 10gp
Sorcerer 3d4 x 10gp
Warlock 4d4 x 10gp
Wizard 4d4 x 10gp

Character’s are allowed one trinket, but this trinket must be of significant importance to the character and detailed within the backstory.

Character Backstories and Questionnaire

All players are required to provide a backstory that details the following informationHow the character was raised.

  • Class choice (How and why the character became the class)
  • Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws (What happened to cause them to get these)
  • Any other details that you would like to provide.The character questionnaire is another tool to provide the GM with additional information for the character.

PLEASE NOTE: Details provided in both the backstory and questionnaire will be used against the character. Their Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws will be tested. Character’s will be put in situations where difficult decisions will need to be made.

Character Deaths

If, or when, a character dies during the course of a campaign, the new character will follow the below rules. Characters will have experience points equal to the bottom of the level at which they died. (ex. A character is halfway through 10th level and is killed. The new character will start at the bottom of 10th level.) Starting wealth for the new character will be based on the level tier, as shown below. All other character creation rules apply.

Character Level Starting Gear
lst 4th Normal starting equipment
5th l0th 500 gp plus ldl0 x 25 gp,
normal starting equipment
11th 16th 5,000 gp plus ldl0 x 250 gp,
two uncommon magic items,
normal starting equipment
17th 20th 20 ,000 gp plus ldl0 x 250 gp,
two uncommon magic items ,
one rare item, normal starting

Healing Special Rules

In the world of Imrallon, healing is by providence of the deities and therefore healing is a gift provided by them. The following spells are only available to deific specialized classes. These are Clerics, Druids, Spellcasting Rangers that follow nature deities and Paladins. Please note that any healing abilities that a Warlock has is a gift from their Patron. Bards do not have the ability to cast these spells. In exchange, players may select any spell of the same level from the Wizard spell list.
The spells Raise Dead, Resurrection, and Reincarnate are not able to be used by PCs.

Downtime and OffAdventure Activities

So there is a possiblity of having extended downtime or opportunities for side side activities. Due to this, each character will need to have some sort of trade skill or a way to make a living during this time. Generally the living costs will follow the table below.

Living Costs Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly
Wretched —
Squalid 1sp / 7sp / 30sp / 365sp
Poor 2sp / 14sp / 60sp / 730sp
Modest 1gp / 7gp / 30gp / 365gp
Comfortable 2gp / 14gp / 60gp / 730gp
Wealthy 4gp / 28gp / 120gp / 1460gp
Aristocratic 10gp / 70gp / 300gp / 3650gp (minimum)

Possible downtime activities can be, but not limited to, the following:

  • Crafting Items
  • Researching
  • Training
  • Building Strongholds
  • Carousing
  • Improve Relationships
  • Perform Sacred Rites
  • Running a Business
  • Sowing Rumors
  • Partaking in Hobbies/Recreational Activities
  • Taking Leadership Roles

Please note that some downtime activities may need adventures to complete. For example. If you want to make a magic item that is Rare or higher, then the components, formula, instructions, tutorship, etc will need to be acquired through quests. The higher the rarity, the higher the cost and the more dangerous/numerous the quests. So say you want to make a Flame Tongue weapon, which is a Rare Item. In order to create this item, you will need to perform the following tasks.

  • Acquire the schematics (likely purchased from a master blacksmith or found in treasure)
  • The schematics would have a list of components that would be needed. For the Flame Tongue, you would need these.
    • Masterwork weapon (whichever one you choose) If there is a special material, then that will need to be acquired as well
    • Purple orchid petals
    • Oak charcoal
    • Trapped essence of a Fire Elemental [This would be the quest portion]
    • Spend the time forging the weapon
  • This process would also go with Researching and Training activities, except the steps would be more in tune with what the task is.

In some cases, quests may be needed to completed in order to multiclass. So, for example, you are currently a Fighter and you would like to multiclass as a Wizard. You will need to seek out a mentor that was willing to take you on as an apprentice. The same would go with a Cleric class. Say you wanted to take levels of Warlock. You would need to seek out an entity and enter into a pact with them before you could take the class. Each class would have their own tasks that would need to be done.

With all of the above, I would need to know what your plans are ahead of time so that I can properly plan.