Behind The Curtain — The Sale of Isabel

Behind the Curtain

The trader waits next to his caravan when a pair of halfling children come to him. He kneels down to them and removes his hat.

What can I do for the two of you?The trader asked them.

The older of the children was a boy and the younger was a girl. Both were dressed in little more than scraps and looked as if they have not eaten in quite some time. The boy was about 5 years older than the girl and he stepped forward.

Sir, I would like to discuss something with you, if you have a moment or two to spare.” The boy responded to The trader, whom nods in acknowledgement. “Our parents were killed by bandits. My sister and I hid and were able to get away.” He looks down at his sister solemnly. “I can’t take care of her and need some denarius.

The trader looked them both over and nodded. “I understand. What, may I ask, do you need the denarius for?

I … I … I just need the coin to get started on my feet. I can’t do that with this little one always whining.

Is that so,The trader said as he raised an eyebrow. “Since your parents are no longer around, you would be the head of the house and can make this decision. Are you sure you want to do this?

The boy looked at The trader and never broke eye contact. “Yes … I want … 10 denarius for her

10 denarius?The trader looked them both over. “Thats a bit much, I will give you 3 denarius

The boy, not skilled in the ways of negotiation at all, quickly agrees. The trader gives the boy 3 denarius and the boy turns to walk away.

Hey boyThe trader said. “Do you not want to know the details of her sale to me? Would you like to be able to buy her back once your settled? I wont even increase the price, you can have her back at anytime for only 3 denarius.

Without looking back, the boy continued on. “No, I dont ever want to see or hear from her again. You can do with her what you will.

The girl looked back at the boy and cried out for him as The trader loaded her up in the wagon and the caravan was on the move. For the next few years, the little girl would do remedial tasks as she was not old or strong enough yet for other duties. During one of the caravan’s trips, a woman named Idonea joined for the journey to Millport. Along the way, she took a shining to the young girl. The trader said her name was Isabel, but that was all he knew of her. He explained the circumstances for how he purchased her.

I was tough on the child, but no more than needed.The trader told Idonea. “She’s learned the basics and kept her clean, safe and fed.

Idonea purchased Isabel for an amount that was agreed upon and the two parted ways with the caravan in Millport. The trader makes regular trips here and would stop by the orphanage from time to time to check in on the child. It seems that Idonea was not the only one that the child made an impression on.

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