Session 8 — Trouble Down On The Farm

Chapter 1 -- The Virulent Plague Session Posts

Badromios the 9th, Drynoxis — The Year of Bruised Eyes

After emerging from the well, the group heard screams and shouts from the villagers about an attack on Tungstag Farm. It was just a short distance from the temple, so they jumped to action and went to investigate. When they arrived at the small farm, there was the farmhouse, barn and windmill next to a small field of corn. It was eerily silent and empty. The villagers fled when the attack started, so the doors were still open and the shutters were blowing in the wind. Some checking around the more travelled areas revealed that there was heavy traffic leaving the farm and heading towards the temple, but nothing is out of the ordinary. There was no blood, bodies or any other signs of violence.

The group split up and Alphonse went to investigate the farm, Isabell went to investigate the windmill, Vera and Pickles took up a perimeter around the farm and started by the house. Alphonse, Vera, Pickles and Sahra started experiencing a series of babbling and incoherent voices in their minds. At this same time, Alphonse’s feet nearly got stuck in some sticky, swamping mud. They were all able to shrug off the voices, but Sahra was not. Vera and Pickles came around the house to talk to Sahra about the voices when suddenly the Tabaxi took off in a dead sprint towards the barn before Vera could get a third word out.

Meanwhile, Isabell checked out the windmill but she found nothing out of the ordinary. It was a stone grinder mill that was used to breakdown wheat and corn down to flour and cornmeal. There was still freshly milled corn present. A scream from Vera brought her out of the mill and towards the house. Both Vera and Pickles engaged one enemy in the house while Alphonse engaged another in the barn. The enemies were a pair of creatures that were twisted, oozing globs of flesh that had multiple eyes and mouths that appeared from nowhere. Just being near them, they had to fight off the constant barrage of voices. The creatures launched attacks that included devastating bites and spittle that would explode in a bright, blinding flash of light.

Vera and Pickles were able to make realtively quick work of the creature in the house, but Sahra was prone to just running around in random directions and not exactly knowing why. There was something about the mumbling cacophony of voices in her head that made her just run away. At this time, Alphonse was still fighting with the creature in the barn. At one point, he was knocked down, but stood up with such authority that it startled the creature. It tried to run out of the barn, but ended up running into Sahra and her sword. Filled with an inner strength, the Praetorian went out to finish his enemy off. His weapon became wreathed in supreme power, wings grew from his back, he felt the power of Hephaestus flowing through him. The creature cowered in terror at his awesome might. He lept far into the sky, then brought his weapon crashing down on the creature like a meteor. The impact left a huge crater and bits of the creature went flying everywhere. Suddenly, all of the most beautiful suitors he has ever seen appeared and started asking for his hand in marriage, thanking you for saving the world.

What the others saw was Alphonse came rushing out and didnt duck under the barn door frame. He slammed his head in it so hard that it broke his horn and knocked him unconscious. Now that the prey was down, the remaining creature took advantage and clawed itself on top of him. The mouths clawed and bit into his flesh, tearing it to shreds. Isabel spoke some inspiring words that kept him from falling in the battle. She also spoke a small prayer to Apollo that asked for his blessing to heal him, effectively saving his life. Pickles and Vera finished off the remaining creature. Both of the creatures exploded in a shower of blood, flesh, eyes and teeth. When Pickles killed the first one, he let out clicks of happiness, until Isabell cleaned him up. The second creature that Vera slew exploded and Alphonse ended up covered in the gore. This made Pickles slightly jealous, but the farm was cleared. As the occupants returned, they thanked them for helping them. It was a mark in the win column, but there was still a plague that was affecting the town. Did these creatures have something to do with it?

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