Behind The Curtain — The Master and His Warden

Chapter 1 -- The Virulent Plague Fluff Posts

An almost imperceptible wave of energy rippled through the planes. One that is missed by everyone but those powerful enough. He is one such person that could sense what had occurred. An aasimar has fallen and a new pact was made. Furthermore, this was one that he had tempted before. He closed his eyes to focus on the source of the ripple. His eyes shot open and he screamed in rage when the realization hit him.


He focused his energies on the location. She was shielding her peasant minion from him, otherwise, he would strike him down where he stood. He stood up from his throne of bones, grabbed his skull tipped wand and issued a summons for the Warden of that part of his layer. The bright red balor demon appeared, his grimace betraying his lack of enthusiasm for being ripped from his delights. A grimace that quickly changed as he stood before his master.

You summoned me Master?” The balor asked.

We have intruders.” He simply said.

A moment or two passed as the demon awaited for his orders. A sly grin appeared on the Master’s face … a menacingly, ugly and sinister grin.

I have been waiting centuries for her to finally be in my grasp. Bring her to me.” He ordered.

The master walked to the window of his roving castle and looked towards where they were. He took a moment to assess the situation.

Hmmm … they are not alone.” He thought to himself and stopped short of killing the others with just another thought. He bellowed out of the window. “GET THE INTRUDERS!” as he telepathically sent the location of those that dared to intrude into his layer of the Abyss.

He looked back at the Warden, held up his gloved hand and simply snapped his fingers. The balor demon roared with rage as he was teleported to where they were. The group was engaged with some woodwraiths, but managed to stop the skeletal soldiers long enough to get to the tower.

A druid …” he snarled. He looked around but could not sense her. She and her peasant should be here … He sniffed around and only smelled the mortals. They were rounding the corner and headed down into his blood temple. The warden made a half-ass attempt to hit one of them with his whip, but let them go down the stairs.

The demon launched himself into the air and came crashing down on the ruined tower. There was a central shaft that he could fit in and get to the gate room before they could. It would crush the altar and cause it to no longer function, trapping them here. It took a couple of tries, but he slammed through the top of the tower. Before he dropped down the shaft, he heard the skeleton squad trip and stumble over themselves as they went down the stairs. He shook his head and dropped down.

He landed on the top of the gate room. He could feel the energies of the portal begin and punched through the ceiling. It was too late. The interlopers were through the gate. He smashed the alter before the gate could close. The portal failed as a rope pulled the vessel through. However, the vessel reached the demon’s grasp before it could be lost forever. He sniffed the essence that was captured in it. “The druid …” he said with a smile. The blood temple collapsed in on itself as the power of the alters was unleashed. The same would happen with the other side and, if fate had it, they would be destroyed in the corresponding collapse. With a flap of his wings, the demon flew back up the shaft.

The Warden flew through the window opening of his master’s throne room, landed and knelt before him.

You failed me yet again.” He snarled. “You do not have her.

The Warden could do nothing but nod. However, he looked into the master’s eyes and presented him with the vessel. It contained a piece of one of their souls. Which ever one made the sacrifice is within this vessel. “The temple and gate rooms have been destroyed.

The master snatched the vessel from the demon’s hand and walked to the balcony.

Echinda … you bitch! I will find you.” He snarled out. Another crooked, evil grin came to his face as he looked at the vessel. “Yes … the mortals will lead me to you.

He turned around to his Warden and, with blinding speed, got right into his face. A low growl came as the stench of death and decay escaped the master’s maw. He trust the vessel into the demon’s grasp. “Find her and bring her to me … and DON’T fail me again.

The warden nods. “And what of her companion?” He asked?

I want this guy dead! I want his family dead! I want his house burned to the ground! I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on his ashes!” He shouted.

He looked over his shoulder and, with his gloved hand, snapped his fingers. The demon was gone. The master stood there overlooking his realm. His plan with the plague failed. It was a half-hearted plan that the mortal thought of to please him. The idea was favorable, but the execution was not there. He returned to his throne and sat down. After a moment or two, he summoned the lich that failed in his plan. Words were said between them before he snapped his gloved fingers and the lich too disappeared.

These mortals may indeed prove to be a handful” the master said.

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