Downtime Activities — One Crazy Summer Night

Downtime Activities - Chapter 1

On a particularly nice day in the summer, Vera was training with Osagea and learning how to harvest moon water. Moon water is known as one of the purest water known. It can only be harvested during rainfall on a full moon night. However, the rain must fall and be in the light of the full moon when harvested. If there are clouds or anything else that is blocking the full moon, the rain would only be normal rain. During this time, Osagea was hosting a pair of other visitors that were also there to learn from the dryad. While the pair were here together, they travelled here separately. The night ended up being a truly exceptional night. The moon, not only full, was a super moon. The purple glow of the huge moon shed light across the grove. It was a perfect harvest. When the rain stopped, there was celebration for the event. Through the night, the four of them danced and consumed an intoxicating concoction that was made from the moon water. The intoxication, the celebration, the mood led to passionate caressing and lustful kissing. Osagea, whom took a vow to exclude herself from such carnal occasions, slipped away into her tree. However, the sounds of passion drew her to the point where she watched. She watched, her will was much more powerful than her need, her desire to partake in the orgy that was unfolding in her grove.

The man, a tall, handsome human that was in his mid 20s with dark hair that matched his complexion and eyes, was known as Abderos. There seemed to be an air of mystery around him. He was dressed in leather pants and a green tunic. A rope belt was tied at his waist where his various pouches hung. His longbow, quiver and pack laid on the ground leaning up against the white ash tree. The night and the glow of the moon seemed to only emphasize his dark features. Dark features that the two woman seemed unable to, or unwilling to, resist.
The woman was also a human, but in her early 20s. She stood just a tad over 5ft with shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair, a fair complexion, and glowing green emerald eyes. Her eyes bewitched and captivated both Abderos and Vera … as well as Osagea. She wore earth toned leather pants and tunic that emphasized the curves in her body, which added more to her allure. Her name was Khloe.

Vera, now drunk on lust, took Khloe into her embrace, but hesitated for just a moment. Khloe took the moment of hesitation to meet her eyes. Her soft hands grazed across Vera’s supple breasts ever so softly. The touch electrified Vera as she felt her loins throb as her wetness moistened her inner thighs. The two women passionately kissed each other as Abderos embraced Vera from behind. She felt his erect manhood press against her, felt him kiss her neck as he slid his hands into her wet folds. Osagea watched this unfold as she touched her own wet folds.

Now I wont burden you with any further details. The next day, Vera awoke. She was wrapped in leathers, hides and the embrace of Khloe. When she looked around, Abderos was nowhere in sight. His clothes and gear were gone as well. She shrugged and nestled into the embrace of her lover. Their eyes met again and she was, once again, lost in her shimmering green eyes.

Kloe has remained with Vera since that night. The two built a small treehouse on her plot of land and lived in it. A few months later, a new surprise arrived. Vera was pregnant. Both Kloe and Vera were excited for the birth of their child. The following winter was a rough one. The bitter cold that swept off the glaciers of Beaconrock Mountain froze most of the land. The cold was especially rough on Vera and her pregnancy. Luckily, Khloe was a skilled healer and druid. She was able to keep Vera healthy through the winter. At the end of winter and into the beginning of spring, she gave birth. She gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Damien

Khloe and Vera pledged themselves to each other in a ceremony that was officiated by Osagea and attended by most of the town. The two raised the child over the last few years. Overall, the last few years has been quite good. Pickles would often come over for play dates with his brood of babies. The baby giant centipedes, whose names are unpronounceable, would wrap themselves around Chrys and play with him. They would often group themselves together and slide under Chrys. The baby seemed to love getting the rides from the brood.

During the time that Vera lived this domesticated life, she learned some things from the books they found. She became quite a good cook.

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