Chapter 2 Primer

Fluff Posts

The Heroes of Millport saved the town, and likely the kingdom, from a plague that was born of the Abyss. In the five years since then, the town has recovered greatly. The prominence of the Heroes has caused an influx of new residents, and with that, an increase in trading. The town has gone through a bit of a growth spurt, one might say. With the Wakegar River clean of the Abyssal taint, schools of wakegar salmon have returned. The Heroes themselves have grown to become adults and have even begun having families.

Elsewhere, however, an evil darkness grows. The taint of the Abyss may have been cleansed from Millport, but deeper in the forests, the mountains and even to the Emerald Bay, a shard of the Abyssal plane has impregnated itself deep beneath Beaconrock Mountain. A shard that has been growing in power and influence. Now the shard has recruited its first disciple. Known simply as Próti, the disciple had already begun growing his allies and disposing of his enemies. Lessons learned have empowered Próti to see his fate, the fate of the region and the fate of his Nation. It is time for the first strike.

It all starts with a coach that is enroute from Paletus to Millport. Amaranthe is a special envoy, and also a close personal friend of Idonea, and has a special missive for one of the Heroes, the halfling Isabell. However, her coach was ambushed on the way to town. There were some shouts from the guards as a darkness enveloped her coach. Amaranthe, being a skilled mage herself, tried to counter the spell but failed to dispel it. She heard the screams and cries as her guards are slain. She could smell the scent of burning wood and flesh. She knew she had to get out of there. She focused her senses and could hear the scraping of claws on one side of the coach, so she slipped out the other side. She tripped over something and began to scramble. Luckily, she made it to a small embankment where she could hide behind.

The darkness behind the embankment dissipated a bit. She spotted a horse that had become disconnected from the coach. Quickly, and without forethought, she ran for the horse and easily mounted it. The horse spurred into action as they hurled off away from the scene. Moments later, she was clear of the darkness. Amaranthe paused for a moment to look behind her to see if anyone was following. The darkness was immense in size and larger than any magic spell she had seen before. The smoke from the fires could be seen rising above the tree canopy. With a deep breath, she spurred the horse on as they went around the scene and onward to Millport. It was still a good number of hours away, but with the horse in full trot, it was made in only a few. Along the way, she noticed that the horse was wounded. A quick prayer to her goddess and the horse’s wounds were healed.

She made it … by the goddess, she made it to Millport. The horse was in full trot as she rounded the corner and headed towards the orphanage. When she arrived, she spotted her friend, Idonea, and the Heroes gathered in front. The horse did not slow as she raced towards them and towards the safety of friends.

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