Session 14 — A Missing Missive

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Daisios the 19th, Tekin — The Year of Fever

It’s been a peaceful five years in Millport. Alphonse, Vera, Isabell, Sahra and the heroes mascot Pickles, were catching up with the headmistress of the orphanage, Idonea. Suddenly, a horse in full gallop rounded the corner and headed towards them. The rider was low in the saddle and, as they got closer, appeared to be injured. The horse slowed as it approached the group and came to a stop before Idonea. The rider fell into waiting arms. Moments later, her wounds were tended to and her story began to unfold. Her name was Amaranthe and the human woman, roughly in her mid 20’s, was a friend of Idonea and fellow member of the Order of the Phoenix. She explained that she had a missive that was intended to be delivered to Lade Isabell, but her caravan was ambushed and she barely got away. She recounted the events and that the caravan was a ruse. The Order had sent her on this mission to deliver the missive and disguised the entourage as a caravan. The route was kept secret to all except the ranking members that were involved in the planning. The source of the missive was unknown as well as its contents.

The friends decided to go investigate the ambush site while Idonea and Amaranthe catch up and discuss the events in more detail. It took most of the day to get to the site, luckily, they left fairly early in the morning. When they arrived, the site was in disarray. A few of the wagons were still on fire. There were numerous bodies strewn about, all of which were the human guards that Amaranthe had described. Each of the bodies were eviscerated. Close inspection revealed that there were wounds from both bladed weapons and gored by creature’s claw and teeth.

They searched around but could not find the missive that was being delivered. To find out more details of what had happened, Vera reached out to a squirrel that popped his head out. The squirrel told her that there were places in the ground that seemed to explode out with dogs and dogmen. The killed and burned everything, but the squirrel hid in the hole when it happened, so not much more was known. It was known that magic was used, from details provided by Amaranthe. Further evidence was found that seemed to imply that powerful magic may have flipped a cart multiple times and damaging it very little.

This was a prepared ambush. There were pits around that housed the ambushers, which were covered with loose branches and leaves for camouflage. However, it was unclear as to who the ambushers were. The information from the squirrel spoke of “dogmen”, but the only possibility that could be are members of the nearby Gnashing Teeth gnoll tribe. However, the people of Millport and the tribe have been on excellent terms for years. When the dragon Sheriphin attempted to take over the area, the gnolls and villagers stood side by side against the threat. Why would they ambush a caravan? If it wasn’t them, who would disguise themselves as “dogmen”? The group headed back to the orphanage with this information to discuss further with Idonea and Amaranthe, with the expectation that they will be going to the encampment to meet with the chieftain Long Laugh.

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