Dramatis Personae

These are the characters that will be involved in the Millport campaign. This campaign began with the characters as children in an orphanage. The “Prequel Trilogy,” as I call it, were the adventures of these children characters. The events that occurred shaped the way they grew into their careers as adventures.  Now they have gathered again after eight years to find the town has been struck by a strange plague.

Sahra – Tabaxi Rogue – Played by Matt

Sahra is a tabaxi of golden yellow fur with black spots occasionally breaking across her fur in a uneven pattern. Her facial fur has several lines of black near her eyes and brow, framing her face in a fur pattern like crescent moons near her eyes. Her tail is long, tightly furred and has a set of black spots patterned from base to a black furred tip. Her left ear has a small notch cut out of it, and her eyes are a jade green in coloration. Overall, her body is lithe with lean muscle.
The red spot on her paw has now enclosed her entire paw pad on her left hand, still extending to her pinky as it did when she first gained it. A scar now seems to cut directly down her left eye, fur no longer growing in the pink patch of scar tissue. Another cut seems to line down her paw and to her forearm on her right paw, also scarring the skin there. The only other noticeable mark now rests at the top of her right thigh, which is covered by her clothes. It is a simple black mark, in the shape of a bow with three marks across the string. This one is burned into the skin, also scarred and having a lack of fur on the edges of the mark.
Her common outfit is a simple linen top that comes down to her hips while hugging her person. The sleeves are kept short to allow for movement. The top is followed by a simple pair of trousers that also keep close to the body, and are even cut off a bit above the ankle so as not to get snagged. Over these clothes, she often wears the simple leathers of her rogue armor when adventuring or doing work. Her paws are often unrestrained by footwear, but she does have simple greaves to wear in more dangerous places.

Cass – Aasimar Warlock – Played by Glynn

Cass is 6’ tall, and possesses a hidden strength not readily apparent. He is mostly human with an athletic build, but has a couple of distinct features that seem to draw people’s eyes regularly: snow white hair that he wears in a ponytail, slightly pale skin, regardless of how much time he spends outside, and golden eyes that has been known to glow softly in darkness or emotional times.

Alphonse Malkarius – Praetorian Cleric / Wizard – Played by Angel

A praetorian that has plated armor, looking a pale grey at the light of the day and ebony black under the moon due to the properties given during its creation. It has the look of a full plate armor, leaving little to nothing in the terms of “flesh” outside, since most of the plates can be secured or removed for maintenance. His head resembles a near fully enclosed winged helmet. It has a integrated forging/enchanting kit, as his left can take the form of thongs and chisels, and his right hand can be removed to secure a hammer. His hands have a integrated grinder for enchanting supplements and can dispense the correct doses for the process.
The only thing that always remains the same is the rhomboid crystal in his chest, usually covered by a layer of armor that has blueish light shining around it. It is the power core that functions as a heart for him, and the catalyzer that serves as the instrument that allows him to do magic.

Vera – Human Druid – Played by Jen

Vera is a gawky human child with freckles, blue eyes, and two brown ponytails. She’s about 9 years old. She always looks a little worried about something, whether she actually is or not. She’s got a long nose and a little bit of a squint. You still see her sometimes carrying around an old ragdoll, but lately she’s been trying to look more grown up and leaves it behind.

Isabell – Halfling Bard – Played by Naomi

Standing just over 3ft tall, Isabell normally has an excited bright smile. She loves to wear clothes that are animal themed costumes, her favorite is a panda. She finds the soft fabric more comfortable than normal clothes so tends to wear her cute outfits everywhere. She has 2 blue eyes and green hair thats shoulder length though most of it is hidden under the animal themed hood she normally keeps over her head. Her costume has a front pouch acting as a pocket her coin and maybe a few sweet snacks.