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Title Location Description Pay Point of Contact
Earrings Stolen Millport My wagon was robbed by bandits in the eastern forest. Among the items taken where heirloom earrings that were given to me by my mother. Please find them. Reward Available Willoa Alderis
Defenders Needed Village of Deletta We have received word that bandits are planning to raid our small town soon. We seek a group of strong warriors who will help defend us. Reward Available Tenaria
Missing Person Millport Lysenne, our beloved mushroom forager, has not returned from the forest. He was last seen four days ago. Need help finding her. Reward Available Orlyn Lorahorn (Millport Store keep)
Investigation Needed Millport We need help with finding out why the goats, along with a few pets, have all gone missing on our farm. Reward Available Ascamon