Village of Millport

Millport is a small village located in the Kingdom of Azmarin along the eastern border. There was once a garrison of soldiers that lived here, but they have been recalled and sent to other places. It seemed that since then, Millport has been more or less forgotten. With this feeling, the residents of the village have been able to train themselves and defend against attacks. The last attack was about 5 years ago when the dragon Sheriphin had attempted to declare herself ruler of the village and demanded fealty. A request for reinforcements was sent, but the crown could only afford to send a single squad of soldiers. Unfortunately, Sheriphin ambushed and routed the reinforcements. The town council met and had actually considered taking her up on the offer, but ultimately they voted against it. Multiple battles had broken out between the dragon, her minions, and the townsfolk. In the end, the townsfolk was able to drive the dragon away but at a great cost. Many had perished in the fights. Because of this, there were so many orphans that the council had commissioned the building of an orphanage. Construction began as soon as the ground thawed. It took 2 years to complete.

A Headmistress, a middle aged human woman named Idonea, was recruited from one of the many caravans that came through. She oversaw the final stages of the construction. Once it was completed, the children were brought onboard. It didn’t take long for the children to learn just how tough the new Headmistress was. The rules were strict, but seemingly fair. She taught a steady stream of the basics that were needed, but with outdated learning material, it didn’t take long for the lessons to become stale. Eventually, she began to balance the lessons from historical studies with agriculture and herbalism. In the last three years since its construction, the orphanage has lost a good number of the orphans as many were sold, traded or given to various merchants that travelled through.

The “official” center of town is the Temple of Demeter. The temple is surrounded by a fenced in grassy glade. Many celebrations and festival activities are held in this glade. Near the town center and to the west is the Millport Mercantile and the Blacksmith Shop and Forge. On the other side of the Temple is the town’s only inn/tavern, The Sacred Hog Inn. Just to the west from there is the newly constructed orphanage. South of the Temple is the Marketplace, where the caravans gather. Connecting these buildings are dirt roads. The main road goes North to South from the lumber mill down to the Marketplace. Scattered among these places are villager’s homes and some farms.

Map of Millport


Places of Interest
The Orphanage The Marketplace Temple of Demeter
The Sacred Hog Inn Lumber Mill Millport Mercantile
Blacksmith Shop and Forge Osagea's Grove Tungstag Farm
Beaconrock Mountain Wakegar River
Notable Personalities and Members of the Town Council
Idonea (Female / Human) — Headmistress of the Orphanage Saramere Keytris (Female / Half-Elf) — Priestess of Demeter
Elmaris Danorin (Female / Human) — Inn Keeper Yelbella Ekrich (Male / Human) — Sawyer
Gwenvyre Sarleth (Female / Human) — Store Keep Orlyn Lorahorn (Male / Human) — Store Keep
Bubraen Thunderthane (Male / Dwarf) — Blacksmith
Other Personalities
Mungo (Male / Halfling) — Gladiator Extraordinaire The Trader” (Male / Human) — Caravaner and Merchant Osagea — Dryad Druid and Mentor
Traditions and Ceremonies
Ostaran Festival — Spring Equinox — Celebrated the week of first bloom Harvest Festival — Fall Equinox — Celebrated with the Fall Harvest

Brightfield Coaster Company — Good Relations
Gnashing Teeth Gnoll Tribe — Great Relations