Welcome to the Detroit Metroplex

Oh, hey chummers. So for some bull-drek reason, you want to run in the Detroit Metroplex. Well there are some things here that are different than other places in the UCAS. Things you need to know before you set foot in the ‘plex. Now you may have heard about how operations are done in places like Seattle. Yeah, sure, the Seattle Metroplex has a lot going on, but they don’t have the world headquarters of Ares, the largest manufacturer of weapons and weapon technology in the world. Running here requires a significant degree of subtlety and discretion. Here is a run down of the Metroplex.

The “Bubble” — This is downtown Detroit and the location of the Ares headquarters building, Knight Errant headquarters and many other places that Mr Knight likes to frequent. Security here is insanely high. Hidden turrets, sensor suites and drones everywhere and a heavy Matrix/Astral security presence. Your not going to fart without KE knowing about it, along with your exact location, who you are and possibly get your SIN checked, marked and burned without you even really knowing about it. Runs here are for those that have proven yourselves. They are the extreme high rewards and risk. There are truckloads of nuyen to be made with Bubble Runs, but first you have to prove yourself. Inept or inexperienced runners doing Bubble Runs will just expose us more to Ares and does not do anyone any good.

Auburn Heights — This is a barren drek-hole often called “The Blight”, a lot like the barrens of Seattle, but here the drek is really high. Ares put up a wall around the metroplex and intentionally left the Blight out of it and has heavy patrols on the wall there. They couldn’t care less what goes on in the Blights, that is as long as it doesn’t affect or breach the wall. This is where all the “undesirables” live, Orks, Trolls and Infected are the highest in here, but also has the poor refugees from the Chicago area starting to set up their squats here. Not a lot of opportunities for runs here, but a great place to have a safehouse or two.

Everywhere Else — Which is literally everywhere else within the wall. Starting a few blocks outside of the Bubble, poverty and despair start. Yeah, sure its nice around the Bubble, but the further out you go, the more the buildings start looking run down and abandoned, the less KE presence there is and the more squatters and impoverished there are. This is also the playground of the security company, Hard Corps Inc, which is of course a subsidiary of … you guess it, Ares. There is a lot of area to cover in this urban hell zone, from Dearborn to Pontiac and east to the river and the Bubble, but those will be covered another time. For now, just know that this area is relatively dangerous with the gangs, org crime and Hard Corps, but this is also just the place to make a name for a group of new upstarts, such as yourselves.

So thats basically the bare-bones gist of the Metroplex. Of course there will be more details to come, but if you still want to run here, then I will be happy to fix you up with a few neighborhood jobs as you get your feet wet.

~Daiquiri Jack

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