Session 1 — Some Assembly Required

Today’s Session Dates: February 2, 2075
Cast of Characters

  • Rainne
  • Kish
  • CoyHawk
  • Tors
  • Sprint

These fraggin’ Fitzgerald crew is beginning to piss me off. They know the truce is to not go below 8 Mile and yet they do. Leviticus has pushed me to far. Furthermore, they dealers are getting more and more violent. Now, the rumors are that Leviticus has an arrangement with some underground entity to smuggle drugs into the area. Not just any drugs, but this tempo drek. Tempo is quickly becoming a plague everywhere. So now its time for me to push back. Now I don’t have the forces that Leviticus has, I do have some runners in my pocket that would work. Even have me some new blood that want to cut their teeth.

Now I am getting word of an attack nearby, so its time to strike back from the shadows. I am gathering a group of new, but talented, individuals that could do what needs to be done. I have received word that Leviticus and his crew are keeping his drek in some secret location. What I want the team to do is strike a blow against them and send them a message. They are to locate this secret storage facility and destroy their supply. I also want to know who their new supplier is. So I set up a meet down in the community center for tonight and giving these New Bloods a shot.

I waited in the room for them to arrive. I brought up the feed on the sensor in the hallway as they arrived, to get a sense of how they interacted. It didn’t look like there would be any conflicts and seemed to be a cordial meeting. Once they all arrived and were introduced to each other, I closed down the feed and unlocked the door, which caused it to go slightly ajar. As the group started coming into the room, my terminal beeped with an email notification. I quickly glanced at it and sighed to myself. “Drek …” I mumbled as they each took a seat. I will need to deal with that later.

I made the request to the team and we came to an agreement. A bonus from the negotiation was that they would quietly find out who the supplier is. Its going to cost me a little more than I expected, but it would be worth it as I don’t need any heat brought down on the NEST. After a few follow up questions, I excused myself from the conference room and left them to their discussions.

Rainne quietly, without saying much either, left the room and met up with a known contact at their gun range to discuss the gang. With this knowledge, the gun adept, went over towards the park.

The team made a plan to go into the Fitzgerald’s turf and see what they can find out. Based on what they know about the gang, they decide to rendezvous with each other at Shaw Park. The park is a known main hangout and they have semi-regular fights there. These fights are not exactly … regular, but happen a few times a month and are extremely violent.

The remaining members of the team break apart, but still within a short distance, and make their way to the park. Along the way, CoyHawk rounded a corner and ran right into a trio of Fitzgerald gangers. The shaman slyly avoided a direct conflict with them and slipped away. Thinking it would be best to avoid further conflict, she covered herself in an invisibility spell and met up with the others. They all met up at the park. The moment they each entered the park, they were filled with a sense of unknown rage, violence and pain. The members of the team that were Awakened immediately noticed that the park had a background count, likely due to the fights that were held here.

Tors decided it best to find the biggest and baddest person in the park and challenge them to a fight. He found Mutt, a 10ft musclebound troll with an assault rifle and full body armor. Mutt was flanked by a few members of his crew when Tors approached him. His first instinct was to strike out at this WeeMan, but instead felt the need to hear out his proposal. He did have a fight proposal, but it was for Kish and not himself. Kish, after sizing up the huge troll, determined that the foe was worthy and accepted the challenge. At first, they both thought of using their blades, but came to an unspoken agreement and dropped them. They were going to punch it out.

The two slugged it out, each holding their own against each other. Meanwhile, Tors was working the crowd trying to find out more about the troll. Sprint found a tree nearby and dropped into VR to assist with what he could. However, once he started poking around, he found that the troll was exceptionally protected. The only active device that the troll was running was a set of wired reflexes, but the concerning matter at hand was that it was protected by a cyberdeck. There was a decker nearby and if Sprint went about trying to hack the ‘ware, it could bring down some serious heat on the fledgling running team.

Once the two brutes beat on each other, the fighting stopped. It seems there was a mutual respect for each others skill and, despite the strong feelings of violence. However, the troll did invite Kish to the next fight club if she wanted to test her meddle. Afterwards, Tors notices that the troll partakes in some modern chemistry and the team decides to leave. Unfortunately, the fight club was days after their deadline for completing the job. They thought that they could find a dealer there that they could backtrack to the storehouse.

While all this was going on, Rainne wanted to take a bird nest position nearby. The highest point was the housing development towers at Lafayette Park. It was just the shell of what it used to be and has been overtaken by squatters and the homeless. The moment the building was entered, a sudden urge to throw came over Rainne. Able to push the feeling back, they pushed through and proceeded through the tenement. The scattered trash, feces, squaller and whatever was in the corner blurred by as Rainne pushed to the roof and fresh air. Once posted up, they surveyed the area for gangers that were dealing. It didnt take long to find a pair at the corner by the development. There wasnt a way to quickly get down on the outside, so Rainne went back through the building. Again, the urge the spew out stomach contents were suppressed.

When Rainne approached the dealers, they started pitching their product. However, before they would sell to a new person, they wanted Rainne to partake in the product first. After a hit of novacoke, the adept was able to acquire a few more doses of the drug, but more importantly, a tracking tag was placed on the dealer. Now the team can track the dealers whereabouts and determine where the warehouse was.

With the day’s activities complete and a good line on how to find the storage facility, the team regroups back at the NEST and plans their next moves.


3 thoughts on “Session 1 — Some Assembly Required”

  1. Kish:

    As I walked out of the park I followed Tors. It takes all the discipline I have to keep an open awareness and watch for attacks: getting out of a place like that is even more dangerous than going in. I fight the drive to stare at Tors and dream of ways to introduce Hugnin to Hugnin. That was a very dangerous situation he put me in, and it is only by the choice of that Troll, that I survived. I’d warned Tors that I wasn’t a hand fighter specialist. I’ve taken some training in it, sure, but not enough to even think about taking part of a fight club.

    Taking a deep breath, I realize that it’s partly the adrenaline and partly the emotions emanating from this place making me feel this. (I must remember to ask ‘Hawk, or maybe Sprint what might be causing that.) Still, it seems that my teammates aren’t as careful of my life as I am of theirs. I better be careful of this one, he’s going to get me killed some day.

    I shrug as a keep walking, then slip by a tree too close as an excuse to turn partly and check behind us… got to watch out in places like this. Thinking back, I did conduct myself well. I showed that I can take it, and while I was clearly outmatched I think that guy… what was his name? I shake my head, not remembering. He was impressed that I stuck to my guns and didn’t totally cave. I wanted to, nearly did even, but then I remembered what Nanwica Giago taught us. Giago was my instructor in the Firefight Martial art. I heard him, as clear as if I was still standing there listening to his teaching.

    “Fear will paralyze you, true. But even worse it will hold you back. Fear will keep you from taking the true challenges. To be the best, you must challenge yourself against the best. You learn nothing from fighting those you can already defeat.”

    Even before the first punch, I *knew* that troll was going to pulverize me. And I was pretty sure that nothing was going to stop him from putting me out cold, or maybe even worse. But I couldn’t let the fear of death hold me back. I had to take the challenge *because* he was stronger. I learned from him, and now I am stronger. I take a deep breath, and now I can clearly watch the thinning crowds, standing guard and watching for the danger to come. I’m stronger and I can do this.

  2. It felt good to be working again.

    This Daiquiri Jack fellow seemed an alright sort. His attire decidedly casual, I decided on a slightly more formal approach to soothe his self-image, so “Mr. Jack” was the order of the day. Seems my intuition was, as is the norm, spot-on, and our new employer agreed to a 70% increase in our bonus.

    My associate made a brief observation.

    “Just so, Mr. Munnin. In initial negotiations, work on the bonus; discretionary or conditional pay is more readily adjusted to our favor. This establishes pattern that can be reaffirmed easily, and applied to future base compensation.”

    He is a scholar, and apt pupil, and a fast friend.

    And a bird.

    Following negotiations, I paired off with the estimable street samurai known as Forewarned, and we made our way toward Shaw Park, a known gathering place of the Fitzgerald gang.

    Knowing how important it is to make a solid first impression, Mr. Munnin and I strode boldly into the park. Curiously, the moment we crossed the boundaries, I felt myself grow rather angry. Recognizing the emotion as externally imposed, I allowed it to wash over me, through me, and ultimately past me–empathic projection is a neat trick, but I know plenty of tricks.

    Right. Looking for a fight club, that’s where we can find this dreadful “tempo” stuff. Now, to whom shall I speak..? Ah yes! That large, trollish chap with the combat armor and crowd of sycophants–he should do nicely. Forewarned followed along in my wake, obviously recognizing the inherent wisdom of my plan.

    Boldly I strode toward the fellow, twelve feet tall if he was an inch! I stopped some three feet in front of him, smiling benignly as, one by one, his coterie hushed and turned their full attention to me, rendered speechless by my sheer presence.

    I locked gazes with the immense brute, bending him to my will. “I am looking,” I said with steely determination belying my smile, “for a fight.” Perfect.

    My presence beat on the air like enormous unseen wings, compelling the creature to tell me where I might find the organized fisticuffs I sought.

    Slowly the troll smiled, understanding. I let my own smile widen a bit in anticipation of the knowledge I so rightly won.

    “Wee man want fight?” it grunted through its slavering grin.

    We’re doomed, Mr. Munnin opined.

  3. 2075-02FEB-02
    Woke just before Noon after being up all night drinking at some dive bar and walking the city streets, and roofs, getting my bearings for my current new home. I’m still a little jumpy after all the newer implants and this server thing riding my nervous system. What the frag did I do?

    What the frag is right…

    Everything went to shit in Boston. Laura dead because of that trog bounty hunter turning on us. I wanted to cut him open and let him die slow as the fire consumed him, but I had to get Laura’s body out. No time to make him suffer, better to end him so there’s no question he didn’t manage to survive or get a final message out to his Johnson.

    Running Crow and the rest of the hunting party barely got out of the city limits before that security lockdown set up roadblocks everywhere. I gave them Laura’s body to take home to her parents, and hoped they’d understand why I couldn’t come back. Luckily we were all using fake SINs while in Boston and Thourn didn’t know my new name to pass onto whoever he was reporting back to. My plan to fake my death was rushed, and it might work, but I doubt I’ll be off that list of targets. My best chance is that I’d just be a footnote; Assumed Deceased.

    Damn, I’m out of chicken soup. I need to go out into the daylight and get some food and more water.

    What I need is to start working again soon, all those upgrades I had done in NYC and the motorcycle took a big bite into what RC gave me when we parted. I’ve put out a couple feelers and we’ll see what happens.

    Looks like I got a lead on some work, some Johnson calling himself “Daiquiri Jack” (Why not Mojito Joe?) wants me and some other as yet unmentioned Runners to meet tonight. I need more chicken soup and more rum, so I may as well go and see how it goes.

    Fraggg.. Frag frag frag… I’m so high right now. Some piece of dreg drug pusher made me take a hit of nova. Fragger, wanted to cut him, but I couldn’t. No stickin’ my little Rainne’s Drop intah’ his pale, stoopud tattooed neck. Nope. Need the tracker to point the team to the, shhhh.. Secret  Where House… Shhush shhhh… It’s secret.

    Met the team I’m going to be stuck with runnin’ da Shhhhh… Shahhdowsss…  Thems all, I don’ know yet. Mister talky with stuffed bird, the magic girl didn’t say much, but we could share clothes an’ well, too soon to tell on that.

    When were awakened coming out with four arms? I got to get him drunk and have him spill what is up with that. The technomancer was looking off into space a lot, looking at porn or something while Mister Mojito was taking to long to get to the point.

    Mister Mojeeeeeto wants us to knock some ganger heads about and teach ’em a lesson, but find out where their drugs are holed up and who’s gimme the drug to ’em. Track down the source. I do tracking. I can do that. Thennn… Ker-BLAM! Blows it it all up. Prolly make the whole neighborhood of awakened buggers higher than I am now. Shhhh.. Shush shhhhshhh.. I better buy some more cameras to film that shit.

    So while these new kids are staring at one another waiting for someone to take charge after we all swapped commlink codes. I just look around, wonder at how some guy gets four fraggin’ arms and hair like my girlhood Happy Place Dolls… I’m just sittin’ there wonderin’ Anyone gonna step up?

    Nope, I gots my own idea, and I’ll be calling them once I confirm it’ll lead anywheres. So I leave and let them talk it out while I listen over my comm.

    Shit. I just sneezed and it was weirdly awesome while not awesome in any way. Frag I’m still high. I need some corn chips and good salsa. The salsa around here is bullshit. I need to find someone that sells some good peppers. Maybe get some grow lights and grow them in my closet. Oh… And some mushrooms too, but they need to be in the dark. I can build a partition. My own little closet farm.

    I miss avocados.

    Well, I went on down to my new friend at the firing range and let him stare at my cleavage for a bit while I asked about these little shits, the Fitzgerald gangers. He didn’t know much other than they’re little shits, doing the same old shitty shit to people. Any good info I was going to get would have to be first hand. My buddy didn’t make me work for the intel, as little as it was, so I made sure I wiggled my bottom a little more than usual as I sashayed out. Give him a little show for being straight up with me.

    Yeah. So I ride on up to Fitzgerald-ville and find the tallest building to use as a looksee perch, which wasn’t much.

    Okay back now, I really had to pee.

    So I had to walk up the stairs through this building, because no fire escapes and I left my grapple gun back in the apartment, and it stinks. Me with my damn enhanced olfactories which I have no idea how to disable yet. I puked a little in my mouth, and I’m so glad I didn’t opt in for the taste enhancements.

    I get up to the roof… Spit a bunch to clear my palate ’cause it still tasted awful, and I’m not eating before any of these meetings anymore by the way. Who knows what shit I’ll be wading through. So I’m looking around and see some crazy sprit monkey on this shithead’s back. That’s the fragger that should get some good intel on leading us to the awakened stash.

    So I run back down the stairs of St. Pukes-a-lot and get to the fresh air of the stinky gutter outside. I go wiggling my ass down the street to these meatheads. I need to get a tracker on dum-dum, but he’s keeping his distance until I say I need to score. Little fragger wants to see me take a hit first, which he made me pay for. What the frag happened to First Time is Free? Greedy little shits.

    So I can’t just punch this little shit in the face and tag him because his friend is standing a few steps aside with his hand down his pants holding onto some semi-auto piece of crap. I’d have to kill them both and that won’t get me closer to finding the secret stashshshshhhh…

    Stasshshshshshhhh is fun to say. Hee hee hee…

    So I take the hit of nova, try not to breathe too deep, give him the nuyen for a couple more packs, while I lean on his shoulder, which was heavily padded by the way, what a fraggin’ weasle, and I slip the tracker under some dumbass patch he’s got on there. Easy sleazy…

    I blew the fragger a kiss and pretend I’m so happy to make new friends, and head back to the bike and blew my nose as best I can and rinse it out with my squeeze bottle of water. Piece of shits. Once we find what we need I’m going to cut them open.

    I’m still higher than a roach in a tornado though. I’m just going to stay here in my apartment and ride this shit out. I checked out the DocWagon Matrixpedia and I’m going to feel like shit for a couple days. I’m going to drink a lot of water and take some sleeping pills to stay unconscious for most of it while I sleep in the bathtub. I don’t need to piss all over my new sheets.

    I sent that technomancer the tracker id so the rest of the team can see where that shit goes while I ride the golden weasel, or whatever. So I’ve contributed for the next couple of days… Yup. I’ll just prep my tub bed now and play some VR shoot-em-ups until this nova crests, then crawl in the tub for some 80 winks.

    Okay. Yeah, still sitting here on the bed. Waiting for that crest… Frag, I’m still high. Is that bird out the window staring at me?

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