Session 3 — A Rough Couple of Days

Today’s Session Dates: February 8 to February 9, 2075
Cast of Characters

  • Rainne
  • Kish
  • Tors

Kish, still reeling from the ambush on her way home from work, skated down the sidewalk. Smoke from the smoke grenade that was dropped to provide her some cover. She felt the sting of the bullet penetrating her leg, the wetness of the blood as it started flowing from the wound. She could see the NEST and skated towards its safety. Down on the street, luckily there was no traffic … as if there ever really was any, and up onto the sidewalk. The pain in her leg so much that she couldnt get it to move when jumping back onto the sidewalk. Her foot snagged the edge, causing her to tumble to the ground. She laid there on the ground.

A moment or two later, she opened her eyes and seen Tors and Rainne standing over her. Rainne was checking her wounds and looking down the street where she had just come from. People from the NEST were going about their business in the early morning. John and Stella were in the garden getting it ready for planting in the spring. The ground was still thawing out, but they wanted the ground to be ready for the seeds. Margaret, Eric and their daughter Jenny were playing in the grass. Andrew, Dave, Mark and Helen were walking down the sidewalk. Another moment or two and the street erupted in gunfire.

A pair of rotodrones, armed with assault rifles appeared and opened fire. The first one started spraying bullets. Rainne and Tors dodged out of the way. Unfortunately, the flying bullets struck Margaret, John and Stella. All three went down a the second drone opened fire. To add to the confusion, the two gangers, wearing Fitzgerald colors, that ambushed Kish came out of the side of the street and also unleashed a hail of gunfire. More bullets struck Tors and Rainne, but an errant bullet found the side of little Jenny’s neck. The three runners returned fire, quickly dispatching the pair of gangers, one drone and damaging the other.

Another moment later, a faded black four-wheel drive Toyota Gopher arrived on the scene. The passenger side window went down and an outstretched arm appeared. The fingers started to crackle with magical energy as a bolt of lightning erupted and hurtled itelf right at Kish, striking her in the side. Meanwhile, the damaged drone continued to fire on the crowd. After seeing the mage launch the magical spell, Mr Munnin suggested that Tors could do that. He stretched out his hand and concentrated real hard. After a few attempts, he was not able to launch the spell.

The team shifted focus as the new threat appeared. Kish and Rainne fired at the mage in the truck. Rainne’s shot hit the truck, but Kish’s struck the mage. The truck started to speed away, with the remaining drone in tow. Kish found a moment, as the truck hurtled in front of her, to get one more shot off at the mage. She lined her weapon up and fired a shot. The bullet struck true and the mage slumped over in the seat. The truck turned off and speed away. Rainne was able to get a shot of the truck and its identifications.

Then the screams set in. The immediate threat was gone. Kish, Rainne and Tors turn around to see several individuals on the ground. Daiquiri Jack is already on the scene with medkits tending to the injured. The three of them spring into action, using their medkits and first aid to help the injured. Tors and Kish rush to the injured Jenny. Tors was able to stabilize her, so Kish went to the other injured. They started moving the injured into the safety of the community center. Tors and Mr Munnin gathered the kids elsewhere and kept them entertained. In the end, three people died in the incident. The first three people that were shot, Margaret, John and Stella, had died from their wounds. Little Jenny was able to pull through. During her time with Tors and Mr Munnin, she had talked with the stuffed bird in length. The two carried on a conversation.

The rest of the day was uneventful as the residents of the NEST stayed indoors. Daiquiri Jack remained in the community center tending to the injured and the three runners continued to provide support where they could.

The next night was the funeral for their fallen runner, CoyHawk. It was a small ceremony, only about a dozen people were there. Daiquiri Jack presided over it an gave a short sermon. Afterwards, everyone lined up to say their final goodbyes a they walked past the wooden casket. The runners walked past and paid their respects. However, there was one missing. Sprint was not seen during the attack on the NEST, nor was he present for the funeral.

The three of them slowly walked back to the NEST when they got a message about a job. The team was needed for a rush job and the Johnson was already at the community center. They were to report there immediately.

When they arrived, they found a human male that was dressed in a pair of dirty jeans, combat boots and UCAS Army shirt. His short cropped military cut brown hair, clean shaven face shows a deep scar across his head. As they walk in, both Rainne and Kish recognize him. He was Jonah Winchester, Rainne’s black market arms dealer contact. She had referred Kish to him for some weapon upgrades and ammo.

He had a job for the team to do. He knew they were having issues with the Fitzgerald gang and he caught wind of an operation they were doing involving some weaponry. Everyone came to an agreement on the payment, including a discount on the merchandise. Ares has a shipment of weapons coming in from Chicago. The Fitzgerald gang was going to hijack the shipment. It would be bad for business, and the NEST, if the gang came into possession of these weapons. So he would like the team to acquire the shipment and deliver it to one of his warehouses. They are provided a map of the route they will be taking, which curiously is not a direct route. When asked about possible point where the gang could make their move, Jonah pointed out a few point on the map.

After the Johnson leaves, the three of them started making some plans and they realized they will likely need a driver. Luckily, Daiquiri Jack knows of a guy that can help them and made a call. The team has only a few hours before the shipment is out of their reach. They pulled up an AR map of the route and began to plan as their newest team member walks into the room.


One thought on “Session 3 — A Rough Couple of Days”

  1. As the team talked with Jonah Winchester, Kish sat and quietly fumed. Embarrassment over having been caught making a rookie mistake, compounded with shame over not having been able to protect the citizens of the Nest fueled a rage that he’d not often found. To see the children hurt after the battle was over wrenched at his heart.

    After they accepted the job, the Johnson walked out. Kish pulled a fresh box of ammo out of her bag. As he talked with Tors and Rainne about the job, he pulled out all the spare clips for his pistols. Re-filling some, and exchanging the contents of others, Kish switch all her loadout for APDS rounds. Besides being better for getting through vehicle armor, it also brought a comforting finality when they serviced the targets. She left one magazine with Gel rounds just in case, but the rest were set for kill.

    “Time to teach these Fitzgerald fools what happens when you disturb a hornet’s nest.”


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