Session 5 — Have You Ever Seen The Rainne

Today’s Session Dates: February 10, 2075

Cast of Characters

  • Kish
  • Tors
  • Edgar

When the earth stopped shaking, Tors and Kish surveyed the area for damage. There was a little damage as the earthquake was not very big. However, there was some slight structural damage to nearby buildings. At the NEST, the house projects had a little more damage. Part of the building had some walls and floors collapse and blew out some windows. However, it seemed that this part was empty and nobody was hurt. The shaking seemed to not faze Edgar as he tried in vain to rub out the body damage from earlier that night.

Both Tors and Kish’s commlinks buzzed. It was a message from Rainne … however, it was not Rainne. The message had an image of her tied to a chair. She was bruised, battered and beaten.

We have your dear little friend here and will kill her if you do not stop your aggression against our interests.  Compensation must be made in the sum of 50,000 nuyen for your unprovoked assault on our many assets.  This should be put on a secured credstick and delivered to my associate in Shaw Park in 1 hour.  How does the saying go?  Oh, yeah … Rainne, Rainne will go away and never to return.

It was then that Kish noticed Rainne’s motorcycle where she normally parks it. This day has begun to completely spin out of control.

The team discussed a plan on what they should do. The got a hold of Daiquiri Jack and discussed the situation with him. The fixer was upset about the abduction of one of his runners. Their original plan was to get a fake credstick, but it was too short of time to acquire one. QJ ponied up a credstick with the 50k on it with the caveat that they dont lose it. There was only a little bit of time left, so they had to get the plan in motion.

Tors disguised himself to look like Daiquiri Jack, with the assistance of Kish. He figured that he had enough clout that it may be enough to convince the kidnappers, whom they assumed were the Fitzgerald gang, that they made a mistake messing with his team.

Kish would be waiting in the van nearby, in case things went south.

Edgar would take up a high vantage point and provide overwatch with his drones. He could also control the van remotely and get Kish to the action quickly. He also changed out the ammunition in the van’s mounted grenade launcher to use flash bangs.

Daiquiri Jack remained behind, but was connected to Tors through comms and his shared image link. QJ would be able to hear and see all that was happening.

The plan was in place and they moved on Shaw Park. They expected to see the shadowrunner Mutt or other Fitzgerald gangers, however, Tors was met by a human dressed in a business suit and carrying a submachine gun. He was sitting on a park bench as he approached. The associate held up a commlink that showed a live stream, in AR, of Rainne. The gun adept was bound and gagged to a chair. Tors requested proof of life before proceeding. The associate spoke something, which QJ translated from Russian and “slap her”. The AR feed showed a mysterious stranger step from off camera and strike Rainne with a the butt of an assault rifle. She screamed in pain.

Tors tried to intimidate the associate and delay as the other two looked for signs of where Rainne was, however, it resulted in the associate getting more violent. The AR feed again showed a mysterious stranger. This time, he reached forth and pulled Rainne’s hand out and tore the nail of her trigger finger with a rusty pair of pliers. The scream from her sent shivers down those that watched.

With no other choice, and concern that this was escalating beyond their control, Tors handed over the credstick with the nuyen. The associate checked the credstick and confirmed that the funds were there. He stated that Rainne will be released soon and began to leave. He headed across the park, opposite where the van was parked and regardless of the intimidation from Tors, and got into a black Americar. As the car pulled away, Edgar had his drones follow it as the van picked them up and followed.

A few moments after the car left, QJ reported that Rainne was returned outside of the NEST.

The car headed west away from the park and, after a short time, pulled into the fenced area of an old middle school. It seems that the school was modified into some sort of fortress. There were armed guards, wearing business suits, all over. On buildings around it were more guards, but they had some heavier hardware. A closer look and QJ identified them as members of the Nikitovich Vory Syndicate. Not being able to do anything currently, they decided to retreat and decided on their next move. Surveillance was put in place and the team fell back to the NEST. Rainne was in a room in the community center. She was severely injured and connected to a medkit. This cannot go unpunished …


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