A Day Job … Sucks — Side Run

The night was just like any other night at the motel for Kish. However, this night, things got a little more dangerous. A small group of people came bursting through the door. A couple of them were pretty banged up and wounded. Kish and one of the other attendants quickly ushered them through the back and into a vacant room. Kish, with his hand on his pistol, scanned the area through the windows, but didnt see anything. A few hours later, a pair of Knight Errant detectives came in. They asked to see the guest registry as they were looking for a wanted individual. Kish, after pondering for a few on whether she should or not, let them view the registry. Not finding what they were looking for, Kish was shown an image of the individuals that were wanted for murder. Kish recognized the individuals as the ones he had helped earlier, however, stated that she had not seen them. Satisfied with her answer, the detective left an ARO business card with her.

Give me a call if you see this person.” Detective Mike Smithers said as he passed it over. Kish simply nodded and they left the building.

After the detectives left, Kish copied down the information from the ARO. Suspicious of what the business card could be, she promptly placed it in the drawer and left it there.

When her shift was up, she headed out the door and on home. The cold hit her a little harder than she expected, so she hiked up her armored jacked to help block the wind. That was when she caught a glimpse of the beat up, black Toyota Gopher at the corner. The four wheel drive was a little banged up and the paint was fading in parts, but that is not what caught her attention. Inside were three individuals that seemed to be watching her. However, they went about talking amongst themselves. Suspicious that she was being watched, possibly by Knight Errant for providing the assistance, Kish took a little longer to get home and was more cautious with the surroundings.

Everything seemed in order for the next few days as Kish met up with Rainne. She mentioned that she was looking for some personalized grips for her pistols and Rainne directed her to an arms dealer she knew. The dealer had Kish firmly grip a couple of polymer clay grips to get the personalization that was needed. It would take a few days to make them, so she went ahead and picked up some APDS ammo as well.

Kish was working another uneventful shift at the motel. Her mind was on the funeral tomorrow for CoyHawk. While she didnt really know the young mage, Kish had a tinge of remorse for the loss. At the end of her shift, she skated home. Guess her mind was on the funeral for most of the way, but a scuffling sound, muffled voices and a fleeting shadow broke her our of her reverie as she rounded the corner.

Then it hit her. A loud bang and something hitting her chest. The impact knocked the wind out of her momentarily. She quickly got back to her senses and seen a pair of gangers, dressed in Fitzgerald colors. One was kneeled down and pointing a shotgun at her, the other was standing just behind him with a finger pointed at her. Time itself seemed to slow to a crawl as the shotgunner cocked another round into the chamber and took aim. The other ganger pulled out an Ares Predator and moved it to aim at Kish. Anger at being shot bubbled over, but the reality of the situation cooled her response. Taking on two gangers, that got a drop on her, by herself was not favorable. Quickly, she pulled out a smoke grenade and dropped it at her feet. She let the momentum of the skates propel her further from them.

As time seemed to slip back into normal, she heard another shotgun blast. This time, the shot went wide and struck the wall next to her. However, the shot from the Ares Predator struck her in the lower leg. Luckily, her armored jacket took the brunt of the hit. It was still enough to cause her leg to slightly buckle. She easily regained control again and continued to flee. The smoke quickly filled the corner and masking her escape. She rounded a few more corners, flew across the street and was back home in the NEST. Her skates caught on the curb as she tried to slow down, which threw her to the ground in front of Rainne and Tors. She laid there for a few moments to recover. Rainne and Tors spot the trickle of blood from the bullet wound in her leg. They look at each other with a look of dismay and wondered what the frag happened.

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