NewsNet Report — February 9, 2075

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< #Local>
There was an assassination attempt made on a local judge. Judge Mallory Greeves was shot multiple times when she exited her vehicle in front of the Detroit Metroplex Federal Justice Center. She was rushed to a local hospital where she is listed in critical condition.

Knight Errant investigators are on top of the case and looking for three individuals. It is believed that the individuals were injured in the shootout.

< Images of the following suspects are displayed. >
Suspect 1: A young human woman in her mid 20’s with an average build, fair complexion, dark eyes and shoulder-length dark hair. She is portrayed wearing jeans and a dark hoodie.

Suspect 2: A young orc male of Amerind ancestry in his early 20’s with a muscular build, dark complexion and eyes, long black hair pulled into a ponytail. He is portrayed wearing military fatigues with a sleeveless shirt. Both his arms were covered in tribal tattoos.

Suspect 3: A bald, older human male, in his early 40’s, slightly overweight with a light complexion. He had a pair of cybereyes and a full grey beard. He is portrayed wearing a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a black trenchcoat.

< Video feed shows a group of 4 individuals firing on the judge. Security forces returning fire and one of them going down.>

Anyone with information is asked to reach out to Detective Mike Smithers of Knight Errant.


In a related story, the trial against B & E Geological Services was delayed due to the event. The lawsuit states that the company is accused of allegedly storing toxic and hazardous materials beneath the city. The company has released a statement that the accusations are false. The trial was being presided over by Judge Greeves. The District Attorneys office also released a statement condeming the attack on the judge and will seek a new judge to preside over the trial.


A trideo surfaced on the Matrix of a ship, that left Detroit harbor, being hijacked in Lake Erie. The ship was believed to contain cargo owned by Ares Macrotechnology and was bound for Norfolk Virginia. The trideo showed crates of weapons and various other cargo. Shortly later, the trideo has been removed. Officials released a statement that the trideo was fake and that they provide only the best security for their shipments. When pressed about other recent reports of stolen cargo, Ares officials ended the interview.

< #World>
Stuffer Shack has pushed off releasing the new product line of tacos for its NERPS line. The “soycos” as they will be called. Are completely made of soy, can be made with very little effort and nuyen and even the most disallusioned Stuffer Shack clerk can do it. They will be sold by the dozen for 10 nuyen each! No future date has been provided on when they will be released.


Ares Macrotechnology will be expanding into the midwest region and will be building an arcology and manufacturing center in Omaha. Plans to start the build, which will be using nanotechnology, is scheduled for March 1st.


A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck the CFS overnight. It was centered about a mile off the coast of San Francisco harbor. There have only been reports of minor damage due to the quake.

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