Session 4 — Roller Skates and Buckets

Today’s Session Dates: February 9 to February 10, 2075
Cast of Characters

  • Kish
  • Tors
  • Introducing … Edgar

The Johnson had just left. Tors and Kish were looking over the route of the shipment when Rainne disappeared. She silently excused herself and left the community center. Moments later, an individual named Edgar showed up. This was the rigger that the team needed to complete the job. After some quick introductions, the trio worked out an action plan to hijack the shipment. They only had a few hours to get set up, Rainne was still not here and messages were getting unanswered. They had to proceed without her.

Edgar sent out some of his drones to keep an eye out on the route for when the truck passes. The truck was disguised as an ACME ice cream truck and with the image they were provided as the Johnson left, they should be able to find it. The spot they decided to ambush it was nearby, but on the other side of Fitzgerald territory. The route followed along the I-696 and there was a point where it got off and onto Dequindre Rd and would continue alont 10 mile road. The was directly along the edge of the gang’s territory and the point where it was decided the most likely place they would attempt to hijack. Drones were placed around here to monitor and all there was to do now was to pick up some supplies from the Stuffer Shack that was just down the street from the target area.

The trio exited the community center and found Edgar’s vehicle. A silver family minivan, complete with a car seat, assorted toddler snacks and toys scattered about and a stick-family decal on the back window. Edgar needed to pick up a bucket of nails and screws and while there, Tors picked up a pair of vintage roller skates, helmet and pads that had a lightning bolt motif. The offramp that the route marked was where they headed next. Tors dumped out the bucked of screws and nails they got from the Stuffer Shack while Edgar deployed the oil sprayer. This late at night and the area they are in, collateral damage from this should be kept at a minimum. After leaving, they headed back to the NEST to wait.

The new rigger was able to spot the truck through the lookout drone that was the farthest away. The team had roughly 15 to 20 minutes to act, so they headed towards the target area. Not wanting alert any gangers that they were intruding in their area, they tool a longer route around. Unfortunately, the route took longer and as they took the onramp on to the freeway, they came side to side with the hijacking in progress. The truck was leading with security officers firing on group of bikers. The bikers were wearing Fitzgerald colors. The minivan promptly stopped and positioned itself in case it needed to move. Kish fired out the window with his silenced gun and tagged the delivery truck with a tracker tag. They then waited for the firefight to get ahead of them and towards the ambush spot.

They kept behind them and as they approached the offramp, the delivery truck feinted. It made a last minute change and stayed on the freeway instead of getting off. Unfortunately for the gangers, two of the bikers failed to catch it and sped down the offramp. They hit the oil slick and began to lose control. Once the speeding bikes hit the nails and screws, the tires blew out. The bikes began to flip and threw their riders in a violent and horrific scene.

The other two bikers were able to stay with following the delivery truck. The security forces on the truck continued to fire at them through the gun ports in the back and the gangers were firing on the truck. While the reroute was unexpected, the minivan continued to follow.

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a familiar looking black 4×4 burst out and plowed into the delivery truck. The truck veered off the freeway, through a parking lot and skidded to a stop as it hit the wall of the Stuffer Shack that they were just at. The bikers and two more gangers from the ruined 4×4 jumped on the security forces and took control of the delivery truck. The fled the Stuffer Shack and headed back towards the minivan and the boobytrapped offramp. However, Edgar had another idea.

He pulled a u-turn and positioned the minivan along the side of the freeway. The delivery truck was headed right towards the rear of the vehicle. Kish and Tors hop out, along with a pair of doberman drones, and take cover between the minivan and the barrier. Edgar launched a thermosmoke grenade and it began to smoke. To add to the picture, he turned on the minivan’s hazard lights. The two bikers were leading and the drones fired on them. The shots hit the bikes and the gangers were thrown off. Kish took an aimed shot at the tire of the delivery van in an attempt to stop it. The APDS round pierced the armored tire and caused it to blow out. The driver of the van lost control of it and it slammed into the side of the parked minivan. A silent, or not so silent, scream escaped Edgar’s mouth.

Tors started strapping on his new roller skates and padding while Tors moved around to the drivers side door of the truck. The window was slightly open and Kish fired a round through the window and into the drivers head. When he opened the door, the driver’s dead body fell out. The passenger was killed by the impact. The two gangers that were thrown from their bikes started to stir, but they were still dazed from the accident. Kish hopped into the driver side of the van while Tors swung around and opened the back of the van. There were two dead Ares security guards … and nothing else. This truck was supposed to have an arms shipment, but its empty.

Tors sent out a warning to the rest of the team as they began to hear the unmistakable whine of VTOL turbines. Ares threat response was headed right towards them. Tors flung the two ganger bodies from their previous encounter with them down by the van and Kish put the driver back in the seat. They, and the drones, got back into the van and began to fled. Another audible groan came from Edgar as the sound of metal scraping metal echoed through the minivan as it pulled away. They sped down the highway and got off at the same exit the chase began as a pair of Ares Ventures flew by. Moments later they were back at the safety of the NEST. From there, the trio was able to see one of the Ventures flying around the area and assumed the other has landed.

Edgar got out of the van to inspect the damage done by the crash and groaned some more. They stood there discussing the events and how to proceed. They were hired to hijack a shipment of weapons and ended up with an empty truck. Was this a decoy or just a trap? Did the Johnson know this or was his intel flawed? The team needs gathers their thoughts and began to plan their next move.


One thought on “Session 4 — Roller Skates and Buckets”

  1. Isn’t it funny how you can always see things more clearly when you look back? Should have wondered why they were going all the way around the city, instead of just straight in to the center. Got to hand it, Ares sure is a master of strategy. They played us straight and true. Of course they played the Fitzgeralds more. Doesn’t make it any less embarrassing to be caught out like that, though. Hope that Tors at least got some evidence of the empty truck, that Arms dealer isn’t going to like coming up empty handed.

    Wonder if we can nose around and find anything about where the real shipment (if there even was one) went, or how the intel was warped? I’m glad we managed to keep our hands clean. Don’t want to be facing up against Ares. We’d get mind wiped for sure.

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